Sad song writing journal all (copy rited!)



9. Broken Puzzle Pieces

  I'm sick,

  I'm ti-red,

  Picking up after you,

  shouldn't give me,



  I'm dry,

  Your fi-red,

  watching your pants flame,

   shouldn't blame these,

  inn-o-cent eyes.


I'm lost,

but not beat-en,

running ahead a you,

shouldn't mean that,

I gotta head start,


I'm hurt,

your flying,

watching yous soaring,

shouldn't give me,

a hea-ead a-ache!!


How can I, walk again?

if you burst all my bones,

and cu-----t my skin?

How can I, fit all the shapes?

you broke the puzzle pieces,

and ripped off the paint.

not a good day,

to glue, together...

more broken puzzle pieces.

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