The Wings

Girl who has a secret


5. The Drawing

 The next day when I arrived at school, none of the bullies were bothering me, and none of the populars or jocks were looking at me like I was a meal. I have to admit, I was horrified to even wake up this morning. I had that feeling that Reed was going to leave me. When I made my way to my locker, I noticed something sticking out the bottom. It was a letter. I pulled it out. It was from Reed. It said that he was sorry about last night, and that he hopes he likes the gifts. Gifts? I opened my locker and saw roses, with another note taped to them. But this wasn't a note... it was a drawing, of me. It looked amazing I gotta say. I couldn't stop looking at it, then I felt something around my waste. Reed was hugging me from behind. I felt like the luckiest girl on earth around him. The school bell rang so we made our way to our seperate classes, or so I thought.  

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