The Wings

Girl who has a secret


2. That night

    I didn't know what to do, because he was still alive and awake. He looked like he passed out, but he wasn't pale. I screamed for my parents in shock. No one heard. So I dialed 911 but no one would answer. Is this really happening. I ran downstairs to find my parents watching tv. Hello? Did u guys hear me? They didn't look at me...they act as if I am invisible. What's going on?! 

I grab band aids from the kitchen counter and gauze. When I went upstairs and wrapped it around my brothers wrist.. He woke up from his blackout. Hey. I said very smoothly for some reason in a sweet kind of tone.

"hi!" he said. He could hear me? And see me? I was stunned that my brother had been doing the same thing. Had he noticed my scars? Has he seen my wings? The question just lingered there... in the back of my mind. I ran into my bedroom, only to notice my mirror had a crack in it. I jumped as I saw it, and slammed my door... hoping no one would come in. I opened my droor, full of black clothes... and pulled out a picture of my mother. She left me after the divorce when I was 8. I'm 15 now. I miss her so much. I kept wondering why my mirror had been cracked. Fear rose up through my skin which made me shiver. Everything in life just seems to build up on me. I just don't know what to do anymore. I have forgotten how to cry, and how to love. If someone even said one nice thing to me, I'd let it slip by... but I noticed a letter on my bed, and made my way over there. I opened it slowly, scared as hell, and started to read. It was from a guy named Reed. He said he had found one of my goodbye notes, and told me he would hate for anything to happen to me. I felt this weird sensation that I had missed for a while... happiness.  He also said in the letter that  he went to my school.  Just to say it.. I wrote goodbye notes when I was really depressed one day, but I kept them in my locker. Had one fallen out? 

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