The Wings

Girl who has a secret


6. Spanish class

   I walked through the doors of my spanish class, and tripped on my shoelaces from my black converse. My books went all over the place, and I felt embarassed because I was now blocking the door way. I noticed Reed was inside the classroom, and started to rush towards me to help. I didn't notice until he pointed it out, but my sleeve went up a bit by accident. He saw my scars, everyone did. Kids just stared, and started whispering to each other. I ran out of the classroom, and into the girls bathroom. No one was here but me, sos today was a lucky one. I thought I would never have to hide again because I have Reed, but that was just a prediction I forced my mind to believe as a fact. 

      I pulled out some scissors from my bra, and was ( ) this close from touching my skin. I felt my arm get pulled, and the scissors dropped on the bathroom floor. When I looked up, I saw Reed. He wasn't smiling like he usually does. He had a sort of blank face, and couldn't look me in the eyes. "I know your not ok so I'm not going to ask you that stupid question."

          "I'm sorry." He leaned in closer to me, and motioned both of us to sit down. 

          "Hey, it's ok... I have showed my my scars haven't I?" I nodded my head. A girl with blonde hair that was perfect, and a navy blue dress from Abrecrombie walked in. 

          "F- u!" Reed screamed. She ran out of the room, and he laced his fingers through mine. I laid my head on his shoulder, which felt really bony, and felt his breath run up my neck. 

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