The Wings

Girl who has a secret


1. Please don't notice

          "Kendall, go clean your room." My mother demands in a strong but soft tone.

          "Then finish your chores. And don't forget your homework!" Comes from my fathers lips, that haven't cussed in almost a week. I know it would come out of him at some point. "After that go take a shower... you smell like ( ****    )." If anyone smelled like that it would be him. His breath smells like beer and he hasn't taken a shower in almost two full weeks. 

    Everything just builds up on me, and I have no other way to feel satisfied. I ran up to my room, knowing I have failed so miserably in life. All I hear is a long list of things to do when I get home everyday from school, and when I wake up. I just don't want to do it anymore. I discovered something indescribable. One word, wings. I have tried hiding them. None tells when they come out back accident. It's like they can't tell they are even there because of their transparency.  If I start to fly,  no one would notice I was even off the ground. If I fell, people would just laugh and spread rumors. I have never revealed my secret to my parents. Just because kids at school can't see them, doesn't mean my parents won't.  They started growing when I started to harm myself. It seems to be the only way to tell me how I should feel about my life. I enjoy watching the wings grow with every slit I make. No one will notice. No one will care. None understands what's happening. If they do, they just don't care... like my parents. I pull my sleeves down at the dinner table, and my parents see... they just don't notice. It's like they don't want to. Like they don't want themselves knowing how badly they have treated me. They have never noticed how I was hiding my wings, they just tripped on them and blamed me for having an attitude. Their clueless, and careless all at the same time. Today, when I went upstairs to my room I saw blood in front of my brothers room. I went to see where he was. He was laying on his bed with a blade in his right hand, blood lining down his vain.




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