The Wings

Girl who has a secret


3. Mysteries

     All these mysteries made me tired that night. I must have fallen asleep after reading the letter over, and over, and over again. Even though it was like three sentences. When I woke up I got ready for school. I was destined to meet this guy today. I had to look, somewhat nice. Would me being EMO scare him? Has he seen me before? I pulled my hair back with a rubber band, and started to apply baby powder to my face... to make my skin look more pale. I usually didn't care about my zits, but today I did. I used white toothpaste to cover them up, and then put another layer of baby powder on. It took me like an hour to put on my black eyeshadow and eyeliner. I can never leave my house, or any house without this on. I put in my favorite pair of studs on my two piercings. My snake bites were covered in powder, so I took some toilet paper and wiped it off. I walked over to my dresser, and pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans, and my favorite AvengedSevenFold sweatshirt. I wore my studded belt sideways, and three necklaces with skulls and crosses on them. 


    When I arrived at school from taking the bus, I took a deep breath as I spotted some bullies blocking the doors. I started Walking faster and pulled my hoodie over my head, praying they don't notice it was me. But that didn't work. I felt a pit grow in my stomach as one of them noticed me. "Hey goth." This bothered me a lot, because I was clearly EMO... not goth or scene. 

                   "Leave her alone." As I turned around I saw this guy a little taller than I was, with black skinny jeans, chains, a studded belt, and a black sweatshirt on. He had snake bites too, and gauges. He had that hot EMO hair cut, that suited his black hair. Is this him? He passed the bullies some money, and they let us both in. "Hey. Did your brother give you the letter?" Brother? Is this why he cut? 

                 "Uhhh, yea."

                "Cool. Sooo. I wanted to know if you wanted to go out with me. I have liked you forever, and you seem like you need someone for you."

                "I don't need anyone to protect me, and I don't need your pity." Right then in there he lifted up his sleeve. 

               "Fine." Then he started to walk away.

               "Wait! Fine, Fine!" He turned around, and pulled me to his chest as he laid his lips upon mine.

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