The Wings

Girl who has a secret


4. Dangerously taunted by love

      Me and Reed fell in love within the time span of four little seconds. And in those two seconds... my life was changed. "You wanna ditch, and come to my house... my parents are out of town?" He whispered. Just hearing his voice sunk addiction to him in my heart. I nodded my head, and we ran to the backdoor of the school to escape. He grabbed my wrist, and I gasped feeling the sting in every cut he touched. "Sorry. I forgot."

             "It's ok." He smiled, as we ran to his house. When we finally got there, he opened the door for me, and shut the shades. 

            "Follow me." He lead me to his room, and shut the door behind us. He then pulled me closer, and closer, and closer. He kissed me for like... ever. We just, couldn't stop. He started to put his hand up my shirt, but I pushed away. 


         "Ok, I understand if you don't wanna go to fast." I felt like a loser, so I told him.

         "Did you not feel my cuts there? I'm not ready because it hurts everywhere." We went silent for a while, and then I told him I needed to go home, so he drove me in his dad's four wheeler. I told him to drop me off a block away so my parents didn't see. So he did. And that night... as I layed in bed... I thought of him, and what could of happened if I didn't back him away from going deeper. 

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