The Wings

Girl who has a secret


7. After school

    "Why don't we both have a break tonight, from the world. It can be just us."

    "I don't know, my parents would be worried, and I'm technically not aloud to date... soooo."

    "Pleeeease, I will write them a note from the "nurse" explaining that you had your period, and needed to go out and get a pair of pants."

    "Ummm, ok?" I had no idea how to react. My life has completely gotten screwed up at school. Everyone knows, and will spread it. Reed leaned his head to the direction of his house as we were walking home from school. I followed him, trying not to make any contact with him, just in case my parents were around. He lead me up the stairs of... this wasn't his house. "Where are we?"

      "This is where EMO'S come to hang out, from all around the state." I noticed one unusual thing.. this wasn't a house, it was... a store, that had no stock... or parking spaces. The store said... WELCOME TO DESO'S, with grafiti on it that spelled, EMO'S.  We walked up to the entry door. I stopped for a quick second, and took a deep breath. Even though the other EMO'S could already see me through the transparent glass doors, I shied off a little. "It's ok, everyone will respect you like real people should."

           "Real people?"

           "We call ourselves a different type of species, because human is so overrated in our textbooks." 

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