The Imaginary Conversarions of Chester and Mike

Imaginary conversations between members of Linkin Park, mainly Chester and Mike. These conversations are inspired by various LPU videos and other Linkin Park fan fictions.


6. Thankful

Chester: Mike! What are you thankful for?
Mike: My keyboard. (Bangs on keyboard)
Chester: Joe! What are you thankful for?
Joe: My awesome director skills. Cut!
Chester: Dave! What are you thankful for?
Phoenix: My red hair. I am Phoenix!!!
Chester: Brad! What are you thankful for?
Brad: My giant headphones. They save me from your insanity.
Chester: Rob! What are you thankful for?
Rob: Do I really have to answer that?
Mike: What are you thankful for, Chester?
Chester: I'm thankful that I finally got my cheeseburger! (sings) Oh, cheeeeseburrrgerrrr, you taste soooo gooooood!

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