The Imaginary Conversarions of Chester and Mike

Imaginary conversations between members of Linkin Park, mainly Chester and Mike. These conversations are inspired by various LPU videos and other Linkin Park fan fictions.


16. Chester's Pain

Chester: OW! F***!!! 
Mike:Take it easy, man! You don't want to bust up that ankle anymore than it already is!
Chester: (groans) Mike...
Mike: Yeah?
Chester: ...
Mike: Chaz? What's up?
Chester: I...
Mike: What? What's wrong? Chester?!
Chester: (mutters something under his breath)
Mike: What? Dude, speak up!
Chester: I said that I'm f***ing sick of these injuries and ailments.
Mike: Oh. Okay.
Chester: Mike?
Mike: Yeah?
Chester: Could you get me a drink?
Mike: No alcohol.
Chester: (mutters under his breath)
Mike: What did you say?
Chester: Ok, fine, whatever! Apple juice or something.
Mike: Dude, don't tell me you actually wanted a beer.
Chester: comment. I'm in f***ing pain here.
Mike: (sighs) I'll go get that juice.
Chester: Ok, man. You do that. I'll just sit here and suffer in silence.

(Note: I know this one isn't really that funny, but I just wanted to write something that related to Chester's recent broken ankle)

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