The Imaginary Conversarions of Chester and Mike

Imaginary conversations between members of Linkin Park, mainly Chester and Mike. These conversations are inspired by various LPU videos and other Linkin Park fan fictions.


13. Chazzy the Monkey

Chester: Mike! Look!
Mike: What the- Is that a monkey?!
Chester: Yep! His name is Chazzy!
Mike:...You named him with your nickname?
Chester: Yes. Is there something wrong with that?
Chazzy: eh-er! eh-er!
Chester: Mike! He's trying to say my name!
Mike: Oh, boy.
Chester: You are such a smart little monkey, yes you are-OW!!
Mike: What?!
Chester: He bit me! Bad Chazzy!
Mike: That's what you get for bringing a monkey in here in the first place.
Chazzy: (laughing) hee-eee! hee-eee!

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