The Imaginary Conversarions of Chester and Mike

Imaginary conversations between members of Linkin Park, mainly Chester and Mike. These conversations are inspired by various LPU videos and other Linkin Park fan fictions.


7. Bubblegum

Chester: (chews bubblegum)
Mike: Dude, spit that out so we can record this.
Chester: (sings to the tune of "Guilty All the Same") I'm chewing bubblegum! Just chewing bubblegum!Oh, chewy, chewy, chewy, bub-bubble-bubblegum!
Mike: Come on, Chester, quit messing around.
Chester: (spits out gum in nearby trashcan, walks back over to recording mic)
Mike: Ready?
Chester: Wait!
Chester: (starts bouncing up and down)
Mike: Dude, what are you doing?
Chester: I gotta get hyped up, man!

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