The Imaginary Conversarions of Chester and Mike

Imaginary conversations between members of Linkin Park, mainly Chester and Mike. These conversations are inspired by various LPU videos and other Linkin Park fan fictions.


17. Brass On, Screw Off

Mike:(on the phone) Hey, man.

Chester: Yeah, what's up.

Mike: I need to use your shower...mine is broken...

Chester: Okay...come on over then, I guess.


(at Chester's place)

Mike: Thanks, Chester.

Chester: Yeah, no problem. But, listen: there isn't a handle on the cold water thing. You have to use the tool that's in there.

Mike: Oh. Okay, then.

Chester: To turn it on, clamp it around the brass bit.

Mike: And to turn it off?

Chester: Clamp it around the screw.

Mike: So...brass on, screw off?

(they look at each other for a minute, then burst out laughing)

Chester: Yeah!

Mike: Oh, my god.

Chester: (walking out) Brass on, screw off!

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