A Night in Moonlight Mansion

there is a murder on the lose. Four friends are up th solve who kill there teacher.They will find out who it is. also they are going to find out who is out to kill them and why.


2. The school day

It was Monday when Anabell,Justin,Luke,and Sarah was off to school.They all meet at an ice cream shop to walk to school together.That day was different from all the rest of the days.It was a week before Halloween the air was fresh and crisp. There was a feeling of scare and weird. Anabell and Sarah will find a surprising secret. Anabell and Sarah has their birthday on Halloween day. The scariest day of the year or is it even scarcer than you might think that it is.Anabell is getting bulled in school it been going on for weeks upon weeks.She hates it.When she goes home she is always is depressed. 

Anabell has enough problems at home.Her parents are always fighting and her sisters are nitpicking when she done bad. she hated it.If she ever had a conversation to her parents it was about school like how was your day.Today was different her parents started a conversation about the newspapers.Her parents said,"Anabell you need to start to stay home instead of going out to the parties with all your friends."Anabell said,"Why are you worried about where I now you don't worried me any other time."Her parents replied to her ,"We always worried about you just don't pay any attention you always are out doing your own thing.We just don't want you to get killed by a sico that is thirsty for any living things blood. "Anabell just ignored the last little bit that they said and went to her room and got her phone to call Sarah to tell her about her parents.

Anabell was determined to tell her parents that she won't get killed by a psycho freak.She will be the one that will tell you how things are when you do wrong, but noone will listen.The only people that will listen is her friends.When they all got to school Anabell started to tell them about her parents.Anabell will soon learn to listen to them on that. She will regret that she never did listen to them.

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