A Night in Moonlight Mansion

there is a murder on the lose. Four friends are up th solve who kill there teacher.They will find out who it is. also they are going to find out who is out to kill them and why.


3. Getting ready

It was Halloween day. Also it was another special day for to girls named Sarah and Anabell it was their birthday.Luke and Justin was planing a surprise party.It was going to be at Luke's house.Anabell and Sarah mouth was hurting but mostly their K-9's.When they both went to school Luke almost told them about the party that they were going to have for them.They were so happy that it was their birthday they couldn't what to see what their parents got for them in their birthday.Their parents told them both to them that they had something for them.

After school Luke told to Anabell and Sarah to  go to his house.Before they went to his house Anabell went to Sarah house to get ready for the party.When she got there Anabell to Sarah's house to get ready.Sarah picked out an all black dress with rips and it looked like it had spider weds on it was longe. Sarah picked out a dress that was pink and it was like Anabell's but it was short.They both left their hair down they never leave their hair.Anabell's hair is long and a dark raven black.Sarah's hair was long also but only it was a dark black hair it was almost the same as Anabell's just a little lighter.

Anabell did Sarah's makeup and was getting ready to leave they heard a loud knock on the door they was scared to death.Sarah asked Anabell if she had heard that sound.Then before Anabell could answer that they heard a man say,"open up the door now or else."Then they were so scared they went up stares to clime out the window.The man was out on the front porch.He was trying to get in the house.Sarah and Anabell had they had a ladder under her bed so they graded it and put it out the window they started go out and they heard a thud.The man got in the house.They ran to the car in the driveway and took Anabell's mom car they were only 15 but it was worth it so they didn't die.When they both got into the car Sarah called the cops as they drove off to Luke's house.

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