A Night in Moonlight Mansion

there is a murder on the lose. Four friends are up th solve who kill there teacher.They will find out who it is. also they are going to find out who is out to kill them and why.


1. Four friends

There was four friends Sarah was one of them she was the girl who you would think of as quite,but she has problems that you wouldn't dare to think of or would you.There is Justin,is the jockey that you would say that he loves to party.Also there is Sarah's  best friend is Anabell she is the one who does her best in  school.Then there is Luke he is the one that is a little rich but you can't see it with how he acts.Luke lives in a mansion the mansion it all started in.The four friends are very close to each other they have been friends since kindergarten. If one is upset they all try to cheer the others up.They all are one as team.A team that is going to be in deep trouble.They all were going to have to find out who was the murder also who was  out to get their life and why were they trying to.They all are siting at Anabell's house.to hang out in.

     Every time they all fell liked there are being watched.They all wanted to find out who was watching them every were they go. Anabell said " Have you guys seen the newspaper people are become you missing every day."Justin,Sarah and Luke all replied"Ya we have like the school teacher and the dog that lives in the yard acrossed the street from us."Do any of you guys have an idea what happened to them?" Sarah said " do you think they where killed or kidnaped?"Luke replied," No I don't think they were kidnaped I think  they were killed instead." Anabell answered ,"Why would any one do that to such nice people and animals?" Luke,Sarah and Justin all said,"They would do it if they are taste for blood." They all was going to a party at a friends at school.His house was on the other side of town.It was about 9:00 at night before they all left to the party.when they got there they seen  every one from school and even more.

After the party started to deid down They asked the one who was running the party If he have seen the newspapers.Then he replied ,"No we haven't whats going on?"What non of them know is that Sarah likes Luke and Anabell likes Justin.They all have their little crushes.What all of all of them need to do is find out together.



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