Cedar Point: More than roller coasters

A history of the best park


1. What people think it is and what it REALLY is.

Most people think that Cedar Point amusement park is just the "next fad  "  or " just another amusement park" but if that is the case, it has been the next fad for 182 years( fyi it was established in 1870. comment if i have incorrect math)

Now some people say it is just coasters. Well they are right about the coasters, but "just" is not true. Cedar Point has won the golden ticket award (pictured below) 16 straight years ( 2014 win included) for best overall park. They have a wide variety of rides ,coasters, dining, games, attractions, and even a beach and a water park! If that isnt the best park to you, you should go and THAT will change your mind!!!


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