How I survived Junior High

Hi, I am Shelby Myer. I am 13 years old and just started Junior High. I've already seen a big difference in my life. I'm not a kid anymore. I'm losing my friends, and populars are already starting to get on my nerves. New crushes, new teachers, new routine.


5. Why my instagram bio changed

Drake was in my next class - world history. Before I could even sit down, he already handed me another handwritten note. It read - 

I know what I said about the whole getting

to know each other thing, but can we speed up the process a little bit?

I know we just met. But... Shelby Myer will you be my girlfriend?

"I am Ms. Tren, your world history teacher. Today we will be learning about the American Government.", the teacher said as everyone groaned. I tuned out. All I could think about was one thing - Drake. After the bell rang, I faced Drake. "Yes!", I said as he hugged me. Before 3rd Period, I stopped by my locker. I secretly got out my phone and changed my Instagram bio. I  changed it to - <3 TAKEN <3. Drake is my boyfriend. DRAKE IS MY BOYFRIEND! I ran to 3rd Period with a big smile on my face.

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