How I survived Junior High

Hi, I am Shelby Myer. I am 13 years old and just started Junior High. I've already seen a big difference in my life. I'm not a kid anymore. I'm losing my friends, and populars are already starting to get on my nerves. New crushes, new teachers, new routine.


1. The First Day

Today is my first day of Junior High. I actually started believing that everything was going to be fine 2 days before the day. Then my older brother Nick came into the picture. He's 16, and has survived Junior High, so he started telling me "tips". More like trying to get me to worry more. "Don't talk to anyone, they might get the wrong idea.", Nick told me. "Don't wear your Hello Kitty socks, you might get laughed at. Don't wear your 'Too Cool for You' shirt, you know it's not true", Nick continued. "Ah, who cares, you'll lose your friends by first period". I rolled my eyes, and went into my room to change out of my TMNT pajamas. I came out and into the kitchen to get breakfast, wearing my Pokemon shirt. "No! Not your Pokemon shirt!", Nick cried. "Nick!", Mom said with a glare. "What? I'm only giving good advice!", he wailed. "What have you learned, so far Shelby?" Mom asked me. "That I will never be popular, and I will lose all the friends I have now." I said in a firm voice. "Nickolas Myer!", Mom shouted. "I'm going to go get dressed, can't be late for school you know!" Nick said scampering up the stairs to his room as Mom ran after him. All I could think of was, "Will I survive the first day?


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