How I survived Junior High

Hi, I am Shelby Myer. I am 13 years old and just started Junior High. I've already seen a big difference in my life. I'm not a kid anymore. I'm losing my friends, and populars are already starting to get on my nerves. New crushes, new teachers, new routine.


7. "Hey, can I sit here?"

Lunch was the best today. It started out normal, I got some pizza, Cheetos, milk, an apple, and a cookie. I was clueless on where to sit, but I eventually found an empty table off to the side. "Hey, can I sit here?", I heard a familiar voice say. I was about to turn around and say 'Why not?'. It was Drake. My face lit up, and my face got really red. " would be nice...I mean... uhh.", I stuttered. "Its cool, I know you're nervous." Drake said with a smile. "Ya...a little bit...", I said. Drake was still standing with his tray in his hand. He set his tray beside mine, and stood standing. Just as I was about to open my milk, Drake took one hand from behind his back and held it in front of me. A bouquet of flowers. I smiled and said "Aww, you got me flowers". "Yeah, they are beautiful... like you", Drake said. That was the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a while. "Thanks", I said laughing as I admired the flowers in my hands. I told Drake I was going to throw away my napkin, and when I got back, I found an X-LARGE DARK CHOCOLATE HERSHEY'S BAR sitting right on my tray. How did he know?!? "Really, more gifts?", I said with a smile. "Anything for you angel", he cooed. By the time I had ate all of the chocolate (of course I gave some to Drake), lunch was over and I was getting out of my chair to take my tray up. "Allow me", Drake said as I giggled."Are you sure you can handle two trays?", I asked. "Positive", Drake replied. Before I walked out the door, Drake came behind me and gave me a hug. "See you in study hall", he whispered in my ear as he let go of me.

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