All Is Lost

Its a normal day. Just a day with the bros, Gavin, Joe, and Jerron just working on our fort when we see something in the distance. We decide to investigate and thats when we figure out... Its a zombie!


13. The Wooden Fatalities


        The next morning, I had not awoken from my slumber. While Joe and Gavin had made a decision to let me sleep, because they had wanted to go off and collect wood, chop wood, and hunt. Gavin had taken his axe, crossbow, and very small pocket knife with him, while Joe had taken his small knife because he didn’t think he would run into trouble.  Joe decided to go off and retrieve his .22 Rifle from the house that they had left behind. Gavin decided to go with him just in case. When they had gotten back to base they had all decided to go searching for materials. I was awake. We decided to bring the whole gang, except for I, who needed a break. Austin took with him a shotgun from Rural King. We had stuck as a pack while we were hunting for materials.

    “Hey guys I’m gonna go chop some wood over here, you guys go gather little branches.” Gavin said.

Joe and Austin walked down a trail collecting any branches available. They each had a good stack. When they were walking back, they ran into 3 zombies. Austin cocked the shotgun, and fired. But nothing happened…

“It’s jammed!!!” Austin shouted.

Gavin heard Austin shout. He ran towards us, he was holding about 4 decent size logs. He immediately gave Austin and Joe a log and said, “Attack on my count, 1… 2…3!!!”

Austin, Joe, and Gavin charged at the zombies. Gavin took the one in the middle, while Joe and Austin handled the ones on the left and right. They were brutes. They beat the zombies until it wasn’t even clear that they were zombies. Their rotten blood and flesh flew everywhere as they ruthlessly swung the branches. The place was a bloodbath. No one was injured, but we were covered in so many guts that we looked and smelled like zombies ourselves. We could either dive into the creek and wash off, or prank Colton.

“I’ll go wash off, but you guys should to. Colton could pull a gun on you guys in fear.” Gavin said.
    “Okay” Austin and Joe said. They both washed off. When we got home, for once Colton made supper. It wasn’t very good but at least it was something. We decided to go out to the school tomorrow to see if we can find any survivors.

“Goodnight” We all say.

I am hoping we all stay safe on our journey to the school tomorrow.

“Joe and Gavin take first watch.” I said.

“Ok will do.” They both said.

I fall asleep without trouble.


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