All Is Lost

Its a normal day. Just a day with the bros, Gavin, Joe, and Jerron just working on our fort when we see something in the distance. We decide to investigate and thats when we figure out... Its a zombie!


9. The One We Had Lost

Jerron was given a proper burial today. It was difficult to put a friend to rest.

“What should we do now?” I said

“ I believe that we should have a moment of silence to honor Jerron's service for us in these hard times”

“Joe and Austin go gather some wood for a fire later tonight as a honor of Jerron, and take your weapons with you to be safe, we don’t need to lose someone else.” Gavin had said.

    “ Ok we’ll get right on it.” said Joe.

“ So Colton what do think about this whole situation?”

“I think it sucks pretty bad. We lost one of our best friends.” I said.

“ I know right, remember when we used to fantasize about this stuff, well now its here.”

“ Yea haha. Its way different than what we expected.” I said.

“ Haha yea but at least we came more prepared than most.”

“ Yea that is true. Studying how to survive in the wild helped to.” I said

“Yep and all that time doing things people said we were crazy about, it was worth it in the end.”

“Yeah it all was worth it. I just wish more of our friends would have believed us. We could’ve had more power in this camp.” I said.

“Well yeah Joe and us two kinda do around here, because we found the place so”-

Then came the yelling of Austin.

“WHATS GOING ON?!” Gavin had yelled.

We had moved in the direction of the yelling of Austin.We ran as fast as we could to save our friends in possible danger. As we came closer to them all we saw was blood… And as we look up the way we see the unthinkable…Of a battle between the zombies and Austin but Joe was nowhere to be seen!

“Austin where is Joe?!” Gavin and I say.

“He ran back to get you guys!”

“ Oh crap.” Gavin had said.

At that moment Gavin goes up and knives the zombie from behind while I am covering him from behind. And from there they go and search for Joe. As we journey back to camp we take a different route just in case.When we reach camp Gavin sees something and says “SHHHHH” with a finger up to his mouth. He saw Joe tied up at camp with someone else behind him. Someone had kidnapped Joe!

“Guys be very quiet.” I had whispered.

“I’ll take the shot.” Gavin had said

With a very quiet countdown of 3...2...1 Gavin had a crossbow raised and the arrow flew through the air with a whistle and hit the target right square in the chest. He was down.We almost lost another guy. What will happen next?

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