All Is Lost

Its a normal day. Just a day with the bros, Gavin, Joe, and Jerron just working on our fort when we see something in the distance. We decide to investigate and thats when we figure out... Its a zombie!


10. The Old Friend

“Joe, Joe, what happened how did he get ahold of you?” Gavin had said.

“I have no idea! I couldn’t find you guys when a man grabbed hold of me and tied me up!” Joe said.

“ Well are you okay any bite marks, bullets hit you, or anything?”Gavin had asked

“ Yeah are you okay Joe?” I said

“ No, I’m fine.. The man was holding a gun to my forehead when an arrow came from nowhere and hit him directly in the chest!”

“Yea good thing I’ve got a good shot, haha.”Gavin said

“We got lucky then since you didn’t get hurt. Thats the last thing we need. Someone getting hurt.” I said  

“Dangit wheres Austin?” Gavin asked

“ Hey lets find him and head off to get supplies.” Gavin had said.

We walked to Walmart, and left Austin at camp to keep watch. By the time we arrived the sun was already going down.

We had walked into Walmart then we had gathered all of our supplies such as guns,   crossbows, ammo, food, water, and etc. When we had walked out of walmart we all had spotted something over near the woods near the overpass. It had to be somebody. So in suspicion we had walked over very curiously, in suspense. When we had reached to get close with our new guns we all walked towards the person, with guns raised it was an old friend from school, Devon Bill!

         He didn’t have any food, water, or weapons. All he had was his old Go-Cart. It was broken down, he had said he needed to take it back to his camp to fix it up and fuel it up.

    “Take us to your camp or else.” Gavin had said.

    “ Or else what?” Devon had said with disgust.

    “Or we will possibly hurt you if you don’t” Joe had countered with.

    “Ok, ok then just don’t hurt me and my members at my camp.”

    From there he had taken us to his camp. He fueled it up and said it was ready to go. We offered him to join our camp and be an ally. He disagreed. Just then, one of his campmates popped out from behind a tree aiming a gun right at my forehead. He told us to drop our weapons. Without hesitation, we all pulled out our knives and charged him. He shot off a few rounds but missed. Gavin held a knife to his throat and offered him mercy while Joe and I held our knives inches from his face. He refused… Instantly, Gavin slit his throat.                 From there Devon sitting next to a tree in shock because of the instance that had just occurred.

    “You are all gonna pay.” Devon said.

    “Shut-up!” Gavin had said with all the adrenaline rushing through his veins.

At the moment we all lifted our guns and fired shots at Devon. He fell dead... From there we took the Go-cart and drove back to base.

“ That was a rough night.” I said.

“ Yea sure was hard to “hurt” 2 people.” Gavin had said.

“Tell me about it” Said Joe

“Hey at least we got our supplies.” Gavin said.

           “Good night guys” We all said

    “Hey guys night to you I gotta take watch, I’ll  wake you up at 6:00 Joe.”Gavin said

           “Okay sounds good.” Said Joe

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