All Is Lost

Its a normal day. Just a day with the bros, Gavin, Joe, and Jerron just working on our fort when we see something in the distance. We decide to investigate and thats when we figure out... Its a zombie!


14. The New Brother

We awaken with great rest, probably because we didn’t have a watch guard last night. That morning Gavin and Joe had awoke first, and when they awoke they each just sat there after they had made the fire and stared into it thinking about what has all occurred in the new world.


“Guys we need to go and look for more survivors” Gavin had spoke.

I woke up to Gavin saying that and immediately agreed along with Joe and Austin.

We all agreed to head out to the school after lunch. For lunch we caught and cooked fish from the stream.

We all took machetes because we were in no hurry to blow all our ammo for that would be foolish. We encountered a group of boys about our age, some older than us, some younger. There were 4 of us, and 8 of them. And they didn’t look like they were going to compromise, at all. The oldest pulled out a small pistol and ordered us to turn back. Without thinking twice, I saw Joe pull out his machete and threw it at the oldest. His hand fell to the ground, along with the gun in a leakage of so much blood it made me want to throw up. The oldest fell down in a pool of blood due to massive blood loss. Austin ran forward, retrieved the gun, and handed it to me. I knew I wasn’t a good shot so I handed the gun to Gavin. The youngest charged at me with a dagger, in the blink of an eye, my machete pierced through his stomach. And then the boy’s head slid right off his neck. As Austin chopped right through his flesh with such speed that none of us even noticed what had just happened. Gavin handed the gun to Joe, and Joe shot it into the air, causing the six boys to run. Gavin charged them with his machete, slitting 2 off the boys right through the chest as Joe started to mow down the other 4 with the small hand gun. We had taken them out with ease.


We arrived at the school around 3:00. Taking down any zombies who dared to interfere in our path. We found Jonathan, hiding in a locked stall of the boys locker room. We offered him to come back to our base with us. He agreed as he was desperate for any help at this point. We walked him back to our base, and then fed him and treated his wounds. We then showed him around and handed him  machete saying, “Welcome home, Brother.”

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