All Is Lost

Its a normal day. Just a day with the bros, Gavin, Joe, and Jerron just working on our fort when we see something in the distance. We decide to investigate and thats when we figure out... Its a zombie!


11. The Intruders

“Wake up!Wake up!” Gavin says in my ear.

“People are here!”Joe says. There were five armed people at the entrance.

“Put your weapons on the ground” they said.

“No we will not! See we worked hard on this base. Were not going to give it up to cowards like you!”  I responded to them. That didn’t seem to help. It seemed to make them madder. Like real mad.

“Gavin! Take your crossbow and get to a spot where you can shoot them. we’ll keep them busy. Gavin went around the bend of the base and scurried his way through the woods and went up to the creek . From there he went near the entrance.

“ Gavin! We don’t know how long we can hold them off. Hurry!” Joe yelled

Near the entrance Gavin near’d with his crossbow in silence. From there he raised it and hit it’s target straight in the back of the head! He hurries to take cover for they turn and look to see where the arrow came from.

“Fire!” Gavin had yelled

With those words a fury of bullets had spread through the group of now 4 intruders. They had all fallen to close death, which close we didn’t know. Three of the four intruders had died but the fourth had crawled away to a  place to shoot. He had found a spot and shot the bullet. It hit it’s target, Austin square in the leg… he goes down in pain.

“I got him.” I said as i slit the man’s throat.

“ Where is that piece of crap, I gonna kill him!” Gavin said with fury. Gavin traveled around to get the intruder, and he pulled out his knife and stabbed him square in the center of the throat.

“Gavin stop I’ve already killed him” I said

“ I know but it just frustrates me.”

From there they didn’t talk much until they had decided upon going to gather supplies, for themselves and to tend to Austin.

“I’ll get him medicine” I said

“We don’t have any that will help him, we ran out of  medicine we need by using it on Jerron.”Gavin said.

“Then off to Wal-Mart.” Joe said

“OOOOOHHHHH THE PAIN!” Austin had yelled.

“Let’s take the bus this time.” Gavin had said.

“Sounds great!” I said

From there it was close to being sunset once again. They had arrived at Wal-Mart as the sun was setting, so they had gathered all of their supplies, food, water, medicines, weapons for the night. They had treated Austin with medication.

“Guys bad news. No more weapons or ammo here. were going to have to find a new location to get our ammo.” I said

“That can wait till tomorrow. It’s already getting dark.” Joe said.

“ I know the perfect place, Rural King, they have pistols, shotguns, rifles, and etc., but Joe is right that will have to wait till tomorrow. It’s gettin kind of late.”

They decided to stay the night at Wal-mart atop the shelves and slept till the next day in the land of Zombies and people that just want to survive.

    “ Guys remember this is survival of the fittest, exactly why we are surviving, because we know what we are doing.” Gavin said.

    “Night guys.” everyone said.

    Now they await the next in the new world as it is.

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