All Is Lost

Its a normal day. Just a day with the bros, Gavin, Joe, and Jerron just working on our fort when we see something in the distance. We decide to investigate and thats when we figure out... Its a zombie!


12. The Collection

We all wake up around 8 A.M..

“Guys you should know this by now, we need to have a guard every night.” I said.

“Yea we know.” Gavin says. We get up to look for some breakfast food.

“I got cereal!” Gavin says.

“What about milk?” Gavin says.

“ All the milk is expired!” I said. We all eat and get on our way to leave when a group of maybe 3-4 armed people enter.

“Anyone in here?!” They yelled. of course we don’t answer. That would just be stupid.

“Lets go hide and see if we can escape.” Austin said.

“No lets go kill them!” Gavin said.

“I agree with gavin.” Me and Joe say.

“Joe, me, Austin, and Gavin will distract them while you get behind them and take them down.” I said.

“Sounds good.” Joe says. We fire a couple shots at them. One of them hit one guy in the face. One down, three to go.

“Hurry up Joe! Take them down already!” I say to the group. About a minute later we watch them drop one by one. Joe comes out of his rifling spot with a smirk. He steps on their bodies carelessly as he is walking towards us. Bragging about how he just dropped 3 men. We meet up at the exit of Wal-Mart

“We should go back to base. get organized.” I say.

“Okay.” Joe says When we get back to base theres a few zombies but they are down in ten minutes.

“Me and Joe will go collect wood for a fire later.” I say.
“Okay. Be back soon.” Gavin says.

“Tomorrow we can go to Rural King.” I said

“Yea it is getting kind of late.” Gavin said. Me and Joe take first watch and wake them up around 3 A.M..

“Time for bed. Night Joe.” I said. They wake us up around nine.

“We leave for rural king in 30 minutes” Gavin says.

“Okay.” I say. We get there in no problem.

“Gavin go get the guns, Joe get ammo, Austin get necessities , and ill go get winter type clothes. It should be getting cold out here.” I say.

“True.” Austin said.

“Austin does your leg feel any better because you seem to be walking on it pretty good.” Joe said.

“Yea it feels better. It missed the bone luckily. But it does hurt sometimes.” Austin says. We get in and out in ten minutes. We go back to camp and give Austin medicine.

“Gavin get cookin.” I say

“Make me!” Gavin says. We all laugh. We had soup tonight. To be specific it was Chicken + noodles.

“It was great Gavin.” Austin said. Me and Joe go to bed first. We take watch at about 3 A.M..


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