All Is Lost

Its a normal day. Just a day with the bros, Gavin, Joe, and Jerron just working on our fort when we see something in the distance. We decide to investigate and thats when we figure out... Its a zombie!


17. Refused Chaos


    “Guys ya hungry?” I asked, because we all had to be starving, we had not eaten for a couple of days. It has been two days since we have been gone from base. we have been camping out along side a woods near Wal-mart, the one where we had found Devon.

    “Who do you think those people were?” Joe asked.

    “Old military.” I say in response.

    “I believe they were men from Devon, remember how he said we were all gonna pay.” Joe said.

    “I don’t think they are related. Why would devon be friends or what not with 40+ people.”I say.

    “I believe it was Devon just think about it, he had connections.” Gavin said

    “Why would he be with only 2-3 people when we got to his base then?” I say.

    “I don’t know, some answers need to be- Oooowwww” Austin had screamed in pain.

    “What’s wrong?” Joe asked.

    “My arm… It’s … Infected it needs cut off!” Austin screeched in pain.

    They went off to Rural King in the truck full of weapons. As they entered Rural King there was about 4-5 girls. They each look to be about our age. They didn’t seem to notice us till we were right behind them.

    “Please don’t shoot.” The oldest girl says looking at my pistol and sniper on my back, the crossbow, gun, and knives on Gavin, and the weapons on Joe. They don’t seem to have any weapons. Their names are Chloe,  Maddie, Alisa, and Emily. They all seemed in very good health not bitten or struck with anything.

    “Hello… would you girls like to join us?” I say.

    “Why should we trust you?” Chloe says in a sassy tone.

    “Listen we have a base in a forest that is very safe and secure we were just on a supply run.” Gavin had told them.

    “It’s just that we have to get our base back.” Joe had said in a whisper.

    “What was that?” Emily said.

    “We have to get our base back.” Gavin and I say.

    “Listen, outside we have a truck full of guns, food, survival supplies, and plenty more stuff. Are you on board with us?” Gavin had spoke.

    “OUCH!, My arm!” Austin yelped.

    “Oh crap, Austin!” Joe yelled.

    “Gavin, go get the saw.” I said

    “No! Please don’t!” Austin says.

    “Sorry we have to.” Gavin said, as he went to get the saw.  As soon as Gavin says that, Austin sprints for the exit.

“Austin wait!” Jono says! We all sprint out behind him but lose him by the time we get to the exit.

“Oh well, let him die we don’t need him anyway.” Gavin said. We all sit there and soak in what just said but notice as Austin opened the doors he had let in about 40-50 zombies. We told the girls to climb the shelves of the store

“Everybody to positions!” Gavin yelled.

As Joe scurried over by the clothing hiding and weaving over there, I climbed the highest shelves possible for a sniping post. The girls had followed me because of the highest point which would be safest. And Gavin had went off into the hardware sections where he also weaved in and out of the isles with his new AR-15 from the truck. The zombies enter at full speed. As soon as I see them I fire, only taking down one at a time. I see them going over and spreading out over the store while at the same time while warning Joe and Gavin.

“Guys they’re coming your way!” I yell attracting some my way.

As they enter my “brothers” ways in the store. I hear gun-fire without seeing it.Then I see blood squirt everywhere. And I see Joe and Gavin walking firing their weapons each with heavy artillery, taking down 2-3 zombies at a time.

“Oh crap, wheres Jono?” I ask myself.

As I say that I see him hiding behind Gavin with no weapon, and I saw Gavins plan was to take him to the gun section. Now with only about 15 zombies left with the work of all 4 brothers. We took the rest out with ease. After the attack Gavin and Joe collected winter clothes for everyone, Gavin took a new hatchet and axe, Joe took some knives, and a smart decision made by Gavin to grab walkie-talkies so we could communicate when getting base back.

“Is everybody up there okay Colton? Gavin asks.

“Is everything ok girls?” I ask as they look at me in shock for we together took out so many zombies.

“Y..Yes everything's okay.” They all say

After this we load up the truck with the new supplies and eat some food found in the truck.

“I’ll take first watch with Jono, Emily, And Chloe.” I say.

“Goodnight.” The others say. We wake the rest up around 1-2a.m..

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