All Is Lost

Its a normal day. Just a day with the bros, Gavin, Joe, and Jerron just working on our fort when we see something in the distance. We decide to investigate and thats when we figure out... Its a zombie!


15. Paybacks Oncoming Pain

After we had arrived back at camp, we had decided to settle down for awhile. Gavin finally got up and went to chop wood, he took the axe and a pocket knife. As he was working we had a little discussion of what the “game” plan was for setting traps since we could use the protection.

“Colton and Joe, go set traps in areas we usually dont take to walk” Austin had suggested.

“Okay.” I had whispered with a sore throat.

“Colton are you okay?” Austin, Joe and Jono had asked in curiosity.

“Yeah just a little cold.”

At this, us two went off to set traps to keep the zombies and intruders out. Joe had set the traps that hung from the trees, because he was a good climber while I was on the ground setting traps and digging holes.

While Austin and Jono were back at camp then decided to barricade it more securely. Jono went to gather branches while Austin just sat to take guard.

Meanwhile Joe and I continued to set traps. I was sharpening some sticks for the next trap which would be a hole in the group near the road where most enemies enter and one in the back in the rarely used entrance. Once i had finished sharpening the sticks Joe had finished all of his traps and headed back to camp.

“Hey Colton, need me to cover you just in case?” Joe had asked.

“ No I’m good.”

I was off to set my traps I had set the first trap, near the unused entrance then went to set the other but as I was setting the second trap I noticed about 8 trucks coming in the direction of us. I rushed back to camp to tell everybody.


Gavin was back from chopping wood he had a pile of wood and a dead deer.

“Woah, Woah, what’s going on?” Gavin had asked.

“There are about 8 trucks coming this way! Don't engage unless it is necessary, they have a lot of men.”

“ I’m going to go out by the creek and take cover.” Joe said.

“ I’m going to my sniping post.” I said.

“Austin, Jono go up in the tree with Colton you guys haven't experienced this quite yet!” Gavin commanded.

“I’ll be roaming the forest, with my cross bow and machete and knives.” Gavin had spoke.

“What will you do if your in trouble?” Jono asked.

“I’ll tweet like a bird, Okay.”

As Gavin dashed off into the forest they all scattered to their positions. As the trucks pulled up one by one, plus a bus which altogether carried about 45 men. They all had pistols and Ak-47’s, ready to fire and kill it seemed.

“As Joe thought to himself in silence... Could this be what Devon was talking about? ~You are all gonna pay~ Devon said with his last breath.” Joe wondered to himself.

From there the men went into movement towards the creek. Everybody Prepared to fight.


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