All Is Lost

Its a normal day. Just a day with the bros, Gavin, Joe, and Jerron just working on our fort when we see something in the distance. We decide to investigate and thats when we figure out... Its a zombie!


1. Introduction

Written From Colton's Point of View

By: Colton Trenkamp, Gavin Carter, and Joe Sadowski

It was a nice sunny day in Middle Point, Ohio. Colton was hanging out with his bro's, Gavin, Joe, Jerron, and Brad. They were hanging out in their fort in the forest. Colton and Jerron were out collecting supplies while Gavin, Joe, and Brad were working at base.

"Colton and Jerron get over here!" Joe said.

Colton and jerron went to base and to their surprise they saw someone. The group go's to investigate and sees that it is not a normal person. This person had blood all over their face and seemed to be shot. We start to talk to him but he doesn't answer. He then sees us and starts sprinting towards us. In surprise we pull out our knives and kill the man. Soon to know that it was a zombie and the start of a new life, new world.

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