All Is Lost

Its a normal day. Just a day with the bros, Gavin, Joe, and Jerron just working on our fort when we see something in the distance. We decide to investigate and thats when we figure out... Its a zombie!


4. Help

Joe and Gavin wake us up around Eight A.M. We try to decide what to do.

"We can go to friends houses to see if we can get anyone with us" I said.

"Ok sounds good." Gavin says. We set out. Friends house to friends house no one in sight.

We reach our old friend Devons house.

"Hello anyone here?" Jerron yells. 

"Jerron, are you trying to attract all the zombies nearby?" Joe says.

"Oh shut up." Jerron says. We left after we realized no one was there.Every other house we searched up and down. No one.

"Well hey we got some supplies including 2 guns with amo, a couple machetes, and a crossbow with 15 arrows.Also some food and water.At least it wasn't a complete waste of time." I said.  We went back to base.

"Today was a good day" Joe said.

"Yea it was" Gavin said.

We had a feast tonight.Together.

"Tomorrow we should set out to get resources from the local Wal-mart" Jerron said.

Their was a little controversy over this idea but we all decided it could be good. Gavin and Joe had first watch tonight.

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