All Is Lost

Its a normal day. Just a day with the bros, Gavin, Joe, and Jerron just working on our fort when we see something in the distance. We decide to investigate and thats when we figure out... Its a zombie!


5. First Trip

Well we woke up to a surprise! There were a couple zombies but we handled them easily with our machetes.After that me and Jerron took watch. 

"Isn't that a great way to wake up?" I said laughing.

"Yea sure haha." Jerron said. We woke them up around 8 A.M. We left to go to Wal-Mart at 9.

"This should be fun." Joe said.

"Maybe." Gavin said. it took us maybe 15 minutes to get to Wal-Mart.

"Guys get down and be quiet. I see 2 people." I said. "I'll take the right guy while you take the left Joe." Gavin says. Me and Jerron are backup. They put the people down instantly with no problems. We get to the doors of Wal-Mart.

"Joe and Gavin go get weapons and ammo. Jerron go get medicine like pain relievers, and i'll get food and water." I say. We each get a cart and fill them up in less than 10 minutes. We wheel them back to camp no problem. When we get back we see a couple zombies. "Guys me and Gavin got this." I say. We clear through the zombies like nothing. Me and Joe collect wood today while Jerron and Gavin tend to camp. 

"Today was a good day. We got a lot of supplies. We might not need to leave for awhile which means we have more time to build up base." I say. 

"That is true." Joe says. We waste no time while getting wood and get back in ten minutes.

"Looks like we can start the fire now and cook some soup."

"What kind of soup?" Joe says.

"Vegetable beef." Gavin says. Thats one of my favorites. After supper Gavin and Jerron go to sleep. We let them sleep until 2 A.M. We fall asleep instantly. 

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