All Is Lost

Its a normal day. Just a day with the bros, Gavin, Joe, and Jerron just working on our fort when we see something in the distance. We decide to investigate and thats when we figure out... Its a zombie!


16. Battle for our Lives

As we had all prepared for this battle in such short time and 2 men not knowing what to do, we thought we were done Joe and I had lost hope not knowing where Gavin was. I had aimed my gun, my sniper as Austin and Jono sat in branches behind me. I had fired with an unsteady hand.

“Boom” I had yelled, in excitement.

The bullet hit the intended target in the neck, which was one man down, but caused about 10 or so to come my way. I decided to move locations. as all three of us crawled down the tree away from my post, I had saw something in one of the trucks. They were bags and bags of weapons. One truck had a variety of pistols, shotguns, ammo, food, water, survival supplies, Ak-47’s, snipers, and grenades. As I was looking at the trucks,  I saw Gavin already in the one of them. But as I was looking a few, about 6 men spotted me and the other two, and they started sprinting after us.

“Jono, Austin, Go, Go, Go, run as fast you can and take cover.” I had yelled.

As i told them to run I saw Gavin get out of the truck in silence without anyone knowing. He had taken from one of the trucks a Mini Gun a very powerful weapon, but yet to seem have no ammunition.

“ Crap!” Gavin had whispered.

By then some men saw him, they were about 40 yards away when Gavin started sprinting towards the truck with grenades and Gavin grabbed two one in each hand. He unpinned them and threw them. It hit the men in the chest.

“BOOOMMM”, as the grenade went off and smoke covered the area because of burning grass. Gavin had men rushing toward him, not knowing where he was, he quickly gathered as much as possible from each truck and put it into one. He got in and drove down the road and back around the field where they couldn’t find him.

As Gavin had done that Joe was planting a device he had stole from the trucks, it was a sticky bomb. Joe had stuck it on a tree and ran hoping for it cause a distraction so we could attack. As it went off every single one of their men ran towards it. As Gavin had just returned from the truck, with new weapons for everyone, we all met at base and went towards the blown tree. We had unleashed on them, a fury of bullets, causing about 20 of the now 35 left to die. But for they had unleashed on us and all the cover we had was a small little hill.

“Guys fall back!” Joe said.

“Never, this our home!” Gavin yelled

As Austin, Gavin, and I stayed to fight for their home, Joe and Jono had fled the scene and went back into the forest to hide and take cover. As we fought and fired bullets at the intruders, they fired right back. With about 15 of their men left we had given up, we had run out of ammo. We went to find Joe and Jono in the back of the truck ready to roll.

As we fled from the fight we had a discussion about what to do now.

“Guys is everybody okay?” Joe asked.

“No” Jono and Austin said as they pulled up their shirt up in pain. They had each been shot in the shoulder area.

“Oh no thats not good!” I yelled.

“Hey on the bright they wont find camp and if they get close our traps will get them.” Gavin said.

“Yeah” they all said.

“Well guys, what to do now?” Joe and I said.  

“Well lets see how it all plays out.” Gavin said.

From there Joe started the truck and drove off into the field until the next road so we wouldn't be seen. Gavin road in passenger, Jono and I rode in the back bed, and Austin in the back seat.  

“Guys we will get our base back, I promise!” Gavin had spoke.

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