People say that being in love is the best thing ever. It’s not. It can heal, and hurt, build and destroy. It can fix the broken heart in your chest, or it can tear it out, so hard and fast that you lose your breath.


2. Chapter II: the First

Chapter II: the First Abraxus, as it turned out, was very good at both faking kindness and mixing drinks and soon became the favourite employee. “How?!” November stormed into the kitchen, screeching. “Am I so devastatingly attractive? Smart? Talented?” “Employee of the month!” November was practically tearing herself apart. She had never, been second place, especially not to Abraxus. (Except maybe in money, and brattishness) “How?! You’re Abraxus DeVega, asshole extraordinare!” “I don’t know, Valentio. I think that you’re starting to give me a run for my money. And incase you wanted to know, talent, looks and charisma. Have a good day, and don’t forget to lock the doors.” He said with a sickeningly fake smile. This time, it was November that hurled curse after curse that the (surprisingly resilient) doors. The next day Abraxus was not surprised that November had arrived quite a bit earlier than he. He had known her for ages now, and he knew that losing, especially to himself, was something, along with bad grades and puppy-kicking, that was rather high upon the ‘November Valentio does not do list.’ But what he did not, expect was November, with her hair pulled up into a high ponytail, bouncing around smiling and laughing with the customers in well, barely any clothing at all. When they were in school, she had constantly complained about the length of the already modest uniforms, so he wasn’t used to this much leg being showed from such a prude. Not that he would be the one to complain and ruin such a view. “What’s up DeVega? Oh! Sorry, I have a thing with someone today, and it’s right after work, so I don’t really have time to change. Hope that’s okay with you.” She smiled sweetly, batting her her (fake) lashes. ”A thing? More like sex-fest 2014 ,” Abraxus thought, then said “Can you watch the store for an hour? I’m going out for a run.” “Sure.” ‘Score!’ She thought triumphantly. ‘You want hot? I’ll show you hot.’ When he entered the store again exactly an hour later, he certainly was hot, both ways. He actually had gone for a run, in his heaviest winter coat, so he was sweating like mad, his shirt sticking to his perfectly sculpted body, showing off each and every ab. He was muscular, but not overly so, just outlines of a six-pack. Perfectly fit, just the way November liked it. “Sorry, I went for a run, and boy! It’s hot out there. I haven’t had a chance to change yet, so sorry for the sweat. Wait. Here.” Then he promptly took off his shirt. If November had been a lesser person, all her resolve would’ve melted and she’d be one of the many girls in the café, ogling over his hot bod. “What’s wrong Valentio? I hope it doesn’t bother you.” Ignoring the evil glares from the girls she had named the AFC (Abraxus fan club), she pulled him into the kitchen and punched him square in the face and screeched, “You’re impossible! I’m just trying to retaliate, and you, you just come and throw my words back in my face!” “Well, I had to do something! I couldn’t just stand there and let you become the hottest employee here!” He hadn’t heard her words very clearly, because well, there was a fist in his face, but managed to answer anyway. “Are you sure? I think Alberto may just come in first.” A smile creeping up her face. This is was one of the things that Abraxus actually liked, (and hated at the same time) about November, she could always make a joke, always keep it on the positive. Alberto was their eighty year old janitor, and he was balding, hunched over and had a nose so ugly, it rivalled Gargamel’s. “You’re right! It must be that sun-tan lotion he’s been using! Beautiful skin makes all the difference.” Abraxus put his hand on his forehead and swooned with a sigh. Then the pair burst out laughing until November realised something, “are we actually having a civil conversation?” Abraxus, looking rather amused said, “well, I believe we are.” After a rather awkward silence he added, “never would’ve expected it, especially because you’re such an uncivilised person,” which, unsurprisingly enough, earned him a good, hearty slap across the face. “Aw Valentio, you’re such a spoil-sport! Honestly! Ruining civil conversations is mighty rude, lemme tell you.” Slap. Normally Abraxus would’ve been greatly angered at being slapped, not once, but twice, by someone that he so forcefully despised, but not today. Maybe it was the way that her cheeks coloured red when he teased her, or the way her eyes would glint after an insult, but she looked very pretty amusing, when she got mad. “Whoa there, Abraxus! She’s PRETTY?! No. Not possible, nope, never.’ He would’ve slapped himself across the face, but he’d already gotten hit twice, and didn’t want to ruin anything. Opening his mouth to tease her yet again, he stopped and closed it, seeing the genuinely hurt expression on her face. It wasn’t the playful banter, or even the anger that he was used to seeing on her face, but an actual sadness. “Why?” He blurted. “Why what?” “Why are you so sad? I mean I insult you all the time, and you insult me back, you get mad but never sad like this.” She stood, silent. Then said, “When will we stop? We’re both adults now. You’re 23 and I’m 22. Sure, if you call me stupid, or mean, or even annoying, that’s okay, but those things, those things are just insults. When will you get over the stupid prejudice that anyone who is not born into a wizard family is lesser than someone who is. Your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great- whatever, was not a wizard. Your blood isn’t that pure, so you have no-” Abraxus cut her off. “Better than yours!” “You know what? I don’t care. I just don’t care anymore. Screw the money, screw saving him, screw everything. I quit.” She stomped out of the room, throwing on a heavy black jacket, much too thick for the blazing heat. And it wasn’t until the door had slammed with a clang did he realise that the jacket was his. Running out into the street, he ran after her only to see the taxi door slam. Jumping into the nearest one, he instructed the driver to tail her. Mentally cursing himself as he saw her sprinting into a phone booth. ‘Damn! An Teleportation point.’ Dumping a stack of coins onto the passenger’s seat, Abraxus rushed from the taxi and into the booth just in time for him to see her teleport away. Spewing out a steady stream of curses, he dejectedly walked back to the café. The first real argument. ------------ authors note: it sucks now, i know, but it gets better !!! cause angst
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