My Dream Boyfreind (Book 1)

This Story Is About A Girl Who Had To Move Away From Her Old Home To A New Place And New School. She finds out that her neighbor is a super cute boy. She wants to figure out everything about him.


6. Chapter 6

*30 mins later* 

My dad doesn't really care how long I stay out, as long as I come home. Adin and I were making out on his roof! He told me that his parents wouldn't be back home until 5 the next morning, because his parents were having to work late. Adin brought me into his house and into his room. And before I even turned around Adin had took his shirt off! He came walking up to me and pushed me onto the bed. I knew where this was going.., so I went along with it. Next thing you know me and him are naked under the sheets. It was almost 2 in the morning. So I got dressed and went home to my bed. 


(6:47 A.M. *my cell phone rings*)

I heard my phone ring. I answered it mainly only because it was Adin. "Good Morning beautiful, I hope you slept well." "Because I did but my back is a little sour from where you held onto me a little to hard, but I mean it was our first time..I mean that was your first time too right?", Adin said sounding extra happy. "Yes it was, and yes I did sleep well, I slept extra well.", I said kinda tired in my morning voice. "Oh my god, did I wake you up babe?!", he said in a embarrassed voice. "No, you didn't I just woke up actually, I was fixing to get ready for school.", I said.

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