My Dream Boyfreind (Book 1)

This Story Is About A Girl Who Had To Move Away From Her Old Home To A New Place And New School. She finds out that her neighbor is a super cute boy. She wants to figure out everything about him.


4. Chapter 4

Gym class was over. Adin and I went to the rest of our classes. We were in our last class and the bell rang to go home. I just couldn't BELIVE what had happened just in ONE day. Well I guess it is good that I have finally found someone that has the same interests as me. I felt so happy and in love. I was so tired from the first day at my new school that I laid my head on Adin's shoulder and fell asleep. It got to our stop and Adin woke me up. We got off and my Dad was smiling at me waiting for me at the front of my new house siting on a chair. Adin smiled at my Dad and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "If you need anything or just wanna talk i'll be in my room, just knock on the door.", said Adin as he was walking to his house. Dad was just staring him done until you couldn't see Adin no more. Then dad looked at me. "So..who was that?", dad said grinning wildly. " thats just my boyfriend ..Adin." , said kinda in a nervous voice. I thought my dad was gonna break Adins door down and shoot him. "Mhm.. I think he likes you..alot. I think he is a keeper." ,my dad said smiling at me like I had made straight A's. "Really?!? I mean … wait what?", I said. I think my dad has a fever or something because my dad would NEVER say something like that, but I mean thats a awesome answer too. 


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