My Dream Boyfreind (Book 1)

This Story Is About A Girl Who Had To Move Away From Her Old Home To A New Place And New School. She finds out that her neighbor is a super cute boy. She wants to figure out everything about him.


15. Chapter 15 *Finale*

We got moved in. Adin and I went to collage. Ash watched Raina while Adin and I were gone. I think Jax has found his little crush. Jax loves seeing Raina. When me and Adin got home from collage we put Raina to bed. 

Adin: Hey babe?

Navi: Yeah?

Adin: Do you want to do it tonight? We haven't done it in like a year. 

Navi: Okay babe. *says in sexy voice and does a cute grin*


Adin and I did it agin… but, we forgot to use protection. 



Till Next Time! Stay Tuned for Book 2! 

"Not Again"

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