My Dream Boyfreind (Book 1)

This Story Is About A Girl Who Had To Move Away From Her Old Home To A New Place And New School. She finds out that her neighbor is a super cute boy. She wants to figure out everything about him.


12. Chapter 12

It got late so I went home. When I went inside Dad had cooked supper.

Navi: Hey Dad, that smells good what is it?

Dad: Potatoes and Shrimp!

Navi: Yum!


We ate and I went to Adin's. 

Adin's Mother: Why Hello Navi! Are you here to see Adin?

Navi: Yes Mam.

Adin's  Mother: Okay, hun he is in his room.

Navi: Thank you.


I enter Adin's Room.

Adin: Hey babe

Navi: Hey watch doing?

Adin: Listening to Music and laying down.

Navi: Nice can I lay with you?

Adin: Yup, you didn't have to ask love.


Adin and I were laying down on his bed watching a movie. I feel asleep of course. I'm a pregnant lady that was on my feet all day. Why wouldn't I be tired?

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