Love In The Shadow of Crimes

Its first story that i have wrote recently. The Story is about Love, Crime, Friendship and turns in one person's Life.



Chapter 1:

Junaid what you have decided about your future" Dad questioned me in gentle voice.

And before i could say a word Dad again started talking "listen kid from now on i can’t afford your education expenses either you find yourself a job to support your future education expenses or sit with me in shop and help me taking our rice import and export business forward".

"But Dad I have just completed my 10th class I want to study more.  All my friends will be studying further I just can’t leave my studies like this"

I replied to Dad in emotional voice.

“Frankly I was not that sad if I had to leave my studies like that I was not a good student in any case. I was more sad because leaving studies means I had to leave Simran too she was love of my life from 6th class I always dreamed to make her mine one day and in my thoughts I even had planned our long lasting happy after love life too”.

Kid my decision is final I just can’t afford all my children educational expenses alone anymore. I have to think about our household too plus you are not alone. I also have to think about your other brothers and sisters too. They also need some education. You have already studied Till Class 10 it’s a lot.  If you go by our family educational standards so it’s your choice now either find a job in four months’ time if you want to take admission in 11th class or you will join me in our family shop.

"Just four months do keep that in mind" Dad said in forceful aggressive voice while leaving the room.

Although fan was working properly in our TV room yet I could feel cold sweat on my forehead and on my arms.

Really now I had to find a job to support my future studies something which to be honest I really didn’t love doing much as I talked to myself after Dad left the room.

Junaid I heard my name in my little Brother charged voice. Salman is calling you in the Street.

“Salman was my best childhood buddy along with Imran we had this gang of three we were of same age and knew each other probably since when we born.

Our homes were in same street. Imran was most bright and well behaved among us may be because his father was in government service and he was his patents only child and his father had groomed him properly on the other hand me and Salman were not that lucky our fathers were not educated they were running shops in local market plus we both had big families with lots of brothers and sisters somewhere down in our heart we were always felt jealous of Imran but didn’t showed to him ever”

"Where were you last night boy" Salman asked me with his always smiling face.

"On the roads on my cycle wondering around" I replied.

"So you again had argument with your mom" he quickly asked.

"Hey don’t call her my mom you know she is not my mom" I instantly spiked.

“Yes she was not my mom not my real mom in any case. My real mom died 6 years ago due to lungs cancer.  It was not as if she was not curable but because we were very poor then as our rice export business was in very bad shape so we could not afford her medicine expenses. After two years of her death Dad got remarried with Seema Aunty my mother's cousin and now my new Mom”.

"What happen this time" Salman asked me in caring voice.

"Nothing new same old story bro my step sister broke Dad's wrist watch and like always mom put blame of that on me and then same story Dad shouted I got angry we had argument and I left home with my cycle without the dinner" my voice got bit shattered as I explained events of last night to Salman.

“Cheer up boy check this out I won 100 RS bet last night on India, Pakistan cricket match Salman told me with joy”.

Back in those days 100Rs was big money and big luxury for boys like us which we don’t get to enjoy much

"Are we going to video game shop" I asked Salman with questionable face.

“yes we are" Salman replied.

“I will play street fighter. from there we will go to Munir shop for burger and coke" what you say bro I asked Salman and waited for his replay with hopeful eyes because I really wanted to eat Munir burger as I haven’t tasted it for couple of months.

"For sure bro lets go" he replied.

I felt so over the moon with joy and happiness.

"Where is Imran" I asked Salman.

"What your guess’, He is already in gaming shop waiting for us" he replied with smiling face.

I speed ed up my cycle speed with excitement so that we can reach game shop quickly.

"Thank God finally you Guys  arrived now don’t be like standing poll let’s move I already got coins for street fighter pay the money for coins on counter Salman" Imran ordered us in commanding voice as he saw me and Salman entering the gaming shop.

"It is getting late Imran let’s move we are waiting for you outside" Salman shouted towards Imran who was busy in playing our favorite Street Fighter.

"We reached our destination our dream restaurant Munir burger shop" I am feeling so hungry I spoke in eager voice.

"Guys I just have 60Rs left we can only have one burger and three coke in that" Salman spoke in somewhat worried voice.

"Did u spend 40rupees on buying coins for street fighter you must be kidding me" Imran questioned Salman in sarcastic voice.

"Had you forgot Imran it was you standing with the coins when we arrived? And I went to counter for payment counter boy charged me 40 rupees for them I guess you didn’t realize at time of buying that they were 40rupees coins" Salman replied sarcastically .

"OK fine we had fun that’s what matter guys. So no more argument now" I shouted at both of them while ordering our favorite chicken kabab burger with three chilled Coke's.

“In future before buying coins don’t forget to calculate money”. Salman spoke while making funny face and waving hand towards Imran. As I and Imran laughed seeing his funny face. Munir brought hot burger with chilled Coke's on over table.

Till Today I consider that night as one of best nights of my life.










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