Love In The Shadow of Crimes

Its first story that i have wrote recently. The Story is about Love, Crime, Friendship and turns in one person's Life.



Chapter 8:

The only negative point of being love is that you don’t pay much importance on things happening around you and you don’t feel hassle about how fast time is passing.

After reading my lawyer mail I just came to know that my old family house documentations were completed and after couple of final signatures I could  pick them from my lawyers office anytime I want. .that’s it one of reason being in Lahore was done.

But I still had one reason to be in Lahore. It was Maryam reason far more important than those house documents.

It was Saturday night Imran had thrown this big surprise family party for Mr. Fahad my future father in law. Mr. Fahad was leaving for USA next day along with Maryam they were not coming back for six months deep down inside my heart I knew it was my one last big chance to impress Fahad and to express my love for Maryam to him and to the world. 

Otherwise other option was court marriage I didn’t wanted to use that option. No not like that way Maryam was my love of my life that I had I found after going through so much as a child and as an adult. I didn’t want to make her mine in that way.

As a kid I had lived with so much fear in my life. I had troubled childhood I lost my mom in such early age I had lost my best childhood buddy so early in life. I was Kept deprived of family love and affection my father was rude with me throughout my whole childhood.

That man had hurt my mother all her life till her death my step mom didn’t had any affection for me. So When I grew up my fear grew with me. I was still afraid of relations and affection of people.

I didn’t wanted to hurt Maryam not only because of things I was doing but also things I have done in past. I had lived life of lies all my life didn’t want to live that life anymore.

Fifteen years of running away from my past from my childhood from hardships of my childhood I was running after a dream. What was that dream no one knew that was what others saw? For them I had escaped from reality of life because I hadn’t been strong enough to stay and face.

But now I have someone in my life “Maryam”. This girl was deeply and honestly in love with me. And was ready to face the world and sacrifice everything to be with me. I knew I couldn’t risk anything to lose her.

I knew now that she was the reason I was back in Lahore after all those years.

I never wanted to be like my father I never wanted my child to go through all what I has gone through I never wanted Maryam to get hurt from me I didn’t wanted her to feel ashamed on her decision of selecting me as her future.

I won’t fail.

I won’t fail

I won’t fail

I told myself.

“Junaid, Fahad bhai will be here at any moment get ready boy quickly”. My thoughts got interrupted after hearing Imran energetic high pitched voice.

“10 minutes bro I will be with you”.

Now I had to dress up to impress Fahad. Did I have a choice? He was the father of the girl whom I was deeply in love with her daughter so sooner or later I had to meet him officially.

I looked at myself in mirror, perfect! The handsome guy was ready for big night.

20 minutes later I reached beautifully decorated party hall of Imran house. Among family people there were some renowned personalities of the city there were people from all walks of life businessman, marketing executives, media people, movie stars they were there.

Honestly I was nervous big time. I was not good at making speeches not at all when I had to express my love in front of so many people whom I didn’t know whom had nothing to do with my life my past and future.

While meeting people in party I had seen Maryam talking with Tania bhabi her eyes were focus on mine but before she could walk up to me I walked out of the party hall.

I was in garden while heavy rain was pouring from sky I didn’t realized that I was getting wet due to heavy rain fall may be because I was crying while shouting loudly “I am sorry Maryam you have made wrong choice I can’t face these people I can’t face your father I don’t want to hurt you I am sorry.” paying no intention around my surroundings.

Suddenly I felt warmness of soft hot body it was Maryam I could smell her body scent as she was holding me from behind in her arms.

As I turned to her while crying before I could say a word she kissed me on my lips with her soft red lips what a kiss it was. I was so deeply involved in enjoying best kiss of my life.

We were so busy in enjoying our best kiss that we didn’t realize that Imran, Tania bhai and Mr. Fahad were standing behind us shouting at us to stop kissing.

Suddenly I felt sudden pain in my ribs it was Imran who had punched me from behind as he tried to take Maryam away from me but I didn’t let her go holding her right hand tight.

“You bloody Thief I thought you was a nice man we gave you place to live and you stealing my daughter who is ten years younger than you”. As I heard Fahad calling me bloody thief. All the memories of my first car robbery flashed pass through my eyes honestly I felt as proud as when I was called thief for first time by that unknown person in Quetta house.

“Junaid, the super thief was back” I said to my Imran struggled to take Maryam hand from mine.

“I looked in Maryam eyes and nodded my head”. She immediately nodded her head too in replay.

“Here I was doing what I didn’t want to do but had left with no choice. Ready to run again from realities of life to dark life of mine but I was not alone this time I had love of my life with me” I gave half smile to Maryam while thinking about that.

“As Fahad, Imran and watchman step forward towards me and Maryam we ran towards Maryam car in the house parking”.

“Run open the main gate I told her in high pitched voice while I took control of her car driving seat”.

“While she was standing next to the opened main gate I stopped the car for a second as she jumped on front seat and before Imran and Fahad could figure out anything I took car away from their sights in high speed”.

Maryam started kissing my chest while I speed ed up car speed. And there it goes “super thief junaid was on run again with most beautiful girl in the world in search of unknown destination” I said to myself while looking outside from seat window with half smile on my face.

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