Love In The Shadow of Crimes

Its first story that i have wrote recently. The Story is about Love, Crime, Friendship and turns in one person's Life.



Chapter 4:

It was sometime in evening on this beautiful December evening. She was looking gorgeous with thick black eyebrows.  Beautiful green eyes. Lips red as could possibly mid height 5’6 possibly and thin.

“Excuse me can I sit here? “I asked her in gentle voice as I walked towards her table.

She looked up at me and to be honest that look of her just took my breath away for a minute she was looking amazingly gorgeous from near.

“I can go if you are waiting for someone?” I said to her gently.

I looked at my swatch watch to check the time”.

“No, “she replied “I have time”. Yes I congratulated myself because that was the chance I was waiting for last couple of days so that I could get closer to her my final victim and probably richest so far.

I sat in front of her and ordered two cups cappuccino. Turned back to her I found her eyes locked on mine. “Her ravishing looks were killing me from inside. Off all the girls I conned so far she was the most prettiest and beautiful I have ever seen there was something about her in her looks”.

“My name is junaid”, I said “what’s you name”


I started talking “I am living in Islamabad for last one year I am a businessman I do business of exporting imported cars in different cities of Pakistan”. While I was talking she kept on looking in my eyes. Seriously why she is looking in my eyes like that those looks were quiet disturbing I was asking from my heart.

“You’re Cappuccino Sir”. As waiter brought our order she took her cup then she started talking. “I am from Lahore. Here I am living with my aunt for couple of weeks. I am a student”. Why she is looking at me like this I was wondering she was scanning my clothes with curious looks I knew what was going through her mind could a small time car exporter  afford to wear expensive Armani suit?

“They are my clothes”. I smiled at her.

She chuckled. There I found myself watching her more than usual. There was something about her the way she talked the way she was looking at me. I felt some connection with her as if I knew her from somewhere.

As I ordered two more cups of cappuccino for us. “She asked me about cities I have been about cars I have droved about Islamabad weather and its famous places”. Wow junaid you are luck boy she is herself taking extra interest in you there was light smile on my face while thinking that.

I spoke this could take long time telling her about cities I have been so I lay back on my chair while checking I was about to start to tell her about my journeys. She suddenly spoke in her soft voice.

 “I am sorry”. She replied “I am kind off short on time”.

“Oaky” maybe I can tell you about that later”. I spoke while lowering my voice.

“later” seriously who had said anything about ‘later’ but she was going to be my last victim she was going to be last girl I wanted to con plus she was just 23 or 24 where I was ten to twelve years elder to her. Why would I want to tell her story of my life ‘later’ when only what I wanted was to con her?

She smiled,” if you wanted to see me again of course”.

Well of course another couple of coffees with her wouldn’t hurt me after all I wanted to con her big time so the close we could get in short time the better it was for me I was thinking while smiling.

“We can go out” she asked in her seductive voice. You been in this city for a while now you know the city we can have good time exploring it.

 “Wow where did that came from”. I felt surprised but happy on this fast progress.

“She leaned over on the table and asked me in her soft seductive voice “if you have time you could take me to some of famous places of city you know”.

 The answer was “yes”. If she wanted me to take her out to some places in city right now. “Actually there is a place we could go out but I am not sure”. I said.

She asked joyfully,” you mean we can go now”.

We could. We could go to city museum. I love history. I smiled at her while talking.  

“OK just this that’s all’. I promised myself “I will take her to museum spend some time there with her then will drop her to her aunts place. I was a conman this was not my way I can’t get involved  with her like this on our very first interaction no way not at all”.

She followed me to my car and sat next to me on front sit. While driving I felt her hand reaching for mine. She took her hand to my cheek and then slipped her hand on my face. I looked at her face she had such beautiful face I could stare her for hours. Then she moved closer to mine.

It was raining heavily outside and we were stuck in traffic.

“It’s raining heavy I think museum would be close’ she asked.

“No I don’t think so” I replied immediately. “But I don’t want to go to museum now. We can go to your place enjoy cup of coffee there then you can drop me to my aunts place”.

“Yes for sure”.  I felt surprised the way I said yes to her suggestion I don’t take my victims to my place I never do so why I have to take her.

While talking to myself I heard her soft voice.

“Hey signal light is green let’s move” it felt so good to ears.

20 minutes later we were in TV room of my apartment having cup of cappuccino.

“So, I said” there is other couple of rooms. On the right is bedroom with terrace and on left is guest room would you like to see or go in?”

“Sure it’s just me and you it’s your place we can go where ever we like and do whatever we like”. There was spark in her eyes while she was saying that.

“Do whatever we like”. Why she said that what’s going in her mind surely she don’t want to go on bed with me I can’t let that happen for god sake she is my big fish my victim.

Suddenly she grabbed my hand pulled me towards bedroom I followed her with confusion and surprise.

We walked in and I went straight towards terrace while standing on terrace balcony memories of past flashed before my eyes from the first time I become car robber my very first car robbery in Quetta and later my very first victim as conman an 40 year old rich lady from Karachi whom I coned as a 22 year old young boy. Turning to girl I found her still standing on entrance of room watching me.

Those memories had to stop her simple smile and soft touch of skin could stop them. And they stopped everything stopped in a rainy December night in Islamabad in my apartment in my bed room with a beautiful girl who tested life to me.

It was 7am in the morning when I woke up. Maryam had already left for her aunt’s home in taxi. I cleaned up myself took a cup a cappuccino and sat in my terrace balcony staring at mountains outside. She was my victim ten or so years younger to me now she had suddenly left after such memorable night.

I leaned my head had been extraordinary, incredible and perfect. But now she was gone without even having my number what if she had left for Lahore, was that it after all the mess I left behind last night I thought my chance to coned her was gone.


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