Love In The Shadow of Crimes

Its first story that i have wrote recently. The Story is about Love, Crime, Friendship and turns in one person's Life.



Chapter 2:

"Bro come outside quickly we are getting late" I and Imran shouted while standing in front of Salman house as we were waiting for him so that we can go to our society local cricket club ground to watch our local club cricket match "

“It was great fun last night thanks bro" Imran told Salman with generous face expressions while watching local club match in ground.

"You’re welcome Imran you are my best buddies everything mine is yours to" Salman replied to him while clapping on six hit by our local club cricket team opening batsman.

"Guys I want to share something with you people I need your advice and help" I suddenly spoke with sad voice.

"Is everything fine with you what happened. Speak up" Salman asked me while giggling.

"Bro I can’t study more I am not going to take admission in college I am not going to College with you guys I have to stop it here Dad has made it clear he can’t afford my future educational expenses either i have to get some job or i have to sit with dad in our shop" as i explained my reason of tension to them in one breath and honestly I felt so relieved after expressing my reason of tension to them.

"Relax bro you will go to college with us you will study with us" how will that happen Imran asked Salman while looking at him with worried face.

As Salman spoke I suddenly looked at Salman who was smiling seeing our local club opening batsman hitting fours. Then he turned his face towards us and shouted with joy.

 “I have a job for you bro I am sure you would love doing this you will love this job  plus will earn from it too so no need to worry now your problem of earning for your educational expenses is solved"

"What are you serious?" I and Imran both spoke instantly.

"Yes I am. As you guys know that my Haider uncle owns a car garage. So from now on junaid will work there I know you love cars so you will work in garage as his assistant he is in search of a boy to assist him as his clients are growing. So as an assistant you can remain close to cars i mean every type car new old every type secondly you will learn how to repair cars. Bro its life time chance you will earn money doing something you like. So are you ready"

As Salman ended his talk asking me this question Imran and I clapped immediately while looking at him with joy and hopeful eyes.

Couple of days later I was all in ready to go to uncle Haider garage. As I was about to leave for garage on my cycle saw Salman and Imran coming towards me shouting my name while jumping up and down with joy.

"Calm down guys first takes a breath". I asked them.

"Listen we have big good news for you" they both shouted simultaneously with excitement.

"Waiting for invitation now guys go ahead tells me good news you fools" I shouted at them with joy.

"First me first me Salman shouted in his loud voice guys I am going to Dubai to live with my Mama Je (Mama means mother's brother) I will be working there in his restaurant ash I am so excited" as Salman completed his talk i could see happiness, confidence and joy in his eyes.

" Now can I speak Imran started talking" " Guys you remember I gave entrance exams and physical test's for recruitment in Army Guess what I have been selected i am going to Military Academy for couple of years training" off course Imran was excited and feeling proud telling us his good news.

"Congratulations Guys You got what you wanted you are going to live your dream life’s without have to be getting worried for college education and its expenses I am so happy for you" as i speak there was kind of  sadness in my voice which we all three felt.

Catch you later guys I got to go to garage i am getting late for my first day of job as I peddled up my cycle in direction of garage and hurriedly passed Imran and Salman as I passed them I could see there happy joyful smiling faces and I didn’t made me happy probably because I felt ashamed jealous and underachieved of myself.

Almost six months had passed since I last met Salman and Imran.

Salman was in Dubai while Imran was busy in his military training in military academy.

While I was busy working in uncle Haider garage “he was a nice middle aged man who was quite a master car mechanic it only took me few weeks to learn car rapier art from him as I was his only assistant in his small garage”

My life was going good Dad was also happy that I was working having good job plus he was relieved that now he didn’t had to worry about my future educational expenses as I had told him few days back that I don’t want to study more iI was happy being car mechanic and wanted to become master in it.

To be honest I was myself happy that I was working with cars learning something new every day about cars plus i was earning good money too.

14/4/2001 it was probably the worst day of my life because I got the news of Salman death it was devastating to hear I mean how could that happen he was my best buddy my childhood friend my strength in my hard times how could that happen.

I wasn’t crying when uncle Haider was telling me about his death and how that happens.” may be because I was in such shock that I did not want to believe. That whatever I had just heard. While Haider uncle kept on speaking “Salman had died in car accident his car was hit by some big truck coming from other side. His body was so badly damaged that local authorities and his family decided to bury him there”.

"What now I won’t be able to see my friend for last time to say him final good bye and thank him for everything he did for me in his short life" I asked uncle Haider in very low depressing voice.

"Son just pray for him and always remember him in your prayers" as he went outside of garage to meet his friend who was waiting in his car outside the carriage.

"While working in Haider uncle carriage it didn’t took me much time to found out that uncle Haider was just not running simple carriage he was also dealing in buying and selling of robbed cars".

At that very moment I instantly decide that i want to be a car thief. Life is short Salman sudden death had taught me that I don’t want to waste my life being simple car mechanic.

“I wanted to leave my life to the fullest I didn’t want to remain poor in my life I wanted to be rich to have all those things that I wanted in my life since my childhood" as I was talking to myself uncle haider shouted my name "Oey junaid its business time son let’s move go and check breaks of that red Suzuki".

In the evening before leaving for home I went in our garage office room where uncle Haider was busy watching news on TV.

"it was small room with small color TV with one water color with old brown wood table and three chair's couple off chairs were for our customer's and third chair was of uncle Haider although secretly sometimes I had used that chair too for relaxing in absence of uncle Haider".

"Junaid its almost six you are still here is everything okay" uncle Haider asked in caring voice as he saw me entering garage office room with dejected sad face.

"Uncle I want to talk with you about something, something very important"

"Yes son speak"

"Uncle first I want to thank you for everything you had taught me in past few months but I don’t want to do this anymore I know I can be an expert car

Mechanic but I don’t want to do this I want to do something big something which can make me rich" as I was speaking i could see his pale face with worried face expressions.

"So what you want to do I am sure you are not interested in siting in your Dad shop"

"No I am not going to sit in his shop actually.... I want to be car thief the super car thief you can make me that I know" I told him in determined voice.

"What, do you have any idea what you are saying" he replied in loud voice.

“yes I know what I am talking i know you do buying and selling of robbed cars I know you were once a car thief yourself and I know you can make me one even better then yourself pleases uncle i don’t want to die like Salman without even testing real life and fun" as I stopped talking i looked towards uncle face and I could see in his eyes that he was not going to refuse me.

"Since you already knows about robbed cars buying and selling and also about my past how can I refuse you now. You know you are just mirror image of my personality the day you started working with me I knew being expert car mechanic is not your destiny you will achieve big my son yes I will teach you i will make you super car thief".

And that was it those eight minutes talk has decided faith of my life and my future path as a super car thief.

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