Love In The Shadow of Crimes

Its first story that i have wrote recently. The Story is about Love, Crime, Friendship and turns in one person's Life.



Chapter 3:

My three months training from uncle Haider was over. Now it was show time here we were in Quetta city the largest city of Pakistan biggest province Baluchistan approximately 929 km away from my native city Lahore. We traveled to Quetta purposely for my first car robbery first because uncle Haider wanted it as he also did his first car robbery in Quetta all those years ago he knows the city very well and secondly we didn’t want to leave any trace of us in our native city.

Wow it was first time I was out of Lahore. There was something in air of Quetta I fell in love with Quetta the day we reached here via uncle Haider old Suzuki Mehran car after journey of almost 13 hours.

Quetta was known as fruit garden of Pakistan due to numerous fruit orchards in and around it. The immediate area has long been one of the pastures and mountains with varied plants and animals relative to the dry plains to the west as uncle Haider told me while taking me around to city trip.

“Quetta has an area of 2,653 km2 (1,024 sq mi) and consists of series of small river valleys which act as a natural fort surrounded on all sides by hills; these are named Chiltan, Takatoo, Murdar and Zarghun. Although a mostly rocky landscape, there are few natural boundaries between Quetta and its adjoining districts of Dera Ismail Khan to the northeast, Dera Ghazi Khan and Sibi to the east, Sukkur and Jacobabad to the southeast, Karachi and Gawadar to the south and Ziarat to the northeast. The closest city is Kandahar in Afghanistan,”

Uncle Haider didn’t leave any page unturned while giving me complete information of the city where I had come with the purpose of my first robbery.

Because according to uncle Haider “you must know the city its escape routes and people to articulate an efficient car robbery without being having slightest bit of chance of being caught”.

Uncle Haider had deliberately selected month of November for my first car robbery as it was start of winter season in Quetta with average temperatures near 4-5 Celsius. Which meant there would be very few people out in night time with streets almost empty a perfect platform for a young rookie like me to articulate his first ever car robbery.

We were in Quetta for few days now gathering information about our target which uncle Haider had already selected for me he wanted me to start with big bang so he selected black 2001 model Mercedes Benz for me to rob.

To be honest it was not that difficult to select our target as at that time there were only two Mercedes Benz in Quetta one belongs to some high government official while other which was over target belonged to city biggest dry fruit exporter.

After gathering full information about our target and after finalizing our escape route We decided to strike on 16 November it was cold dark night uncle Haider and i walked to the house of dry fruit exporter as uncle Haider waited for me outside the House so that he can keep me informed about happenings in the street i climbed wall of the house and jumped straight on the watchman who was dosing on his chair before he could think anything i smelled him with alight high dose of anesthesia very next moment he was on the ground.

There it was black Mercedes Benz right in front of my eyes it was looking so astonishing that i was simply unable to take my eyes of it.

"Junaid is all OK" uncle Haider asked me from outside with very low but tense voice.

"All is fine uncle our prize is ready" i told him while unlocking car Locks using unique techniques which uncle Haider taught me in my training time.

Suddenly I heard some noise coming from upper floor of the house as I returned towards the car to start it after opening main house gate I heard someone shouting "thief thief" in high pitched voice honestly I felt kind off proud on being calling thief.

“As I started the car” feeling proud on being called thief. I heard gun shots wow that was not in our calculations. I immediately put car in second gear and speed it up as i was about to move out of house.

“I heard second gun short I panic and instead of putting my foot on accelerator I put that on break. While the person in house with gun shooting at me before as I was watching him through back mirror. Before I could come to terms with situation I heard uncle Haider tense voice "Move Move as he pushed me forward to take control of driving seat. He was on driving  seat now while I was sitting cold on front seat next to him and there we go before person in the house could fire again uncle Haider took car away from his sights in high speed”.

After 10minutes I heard uncle Haider jubilant voice “congratulations son u did it".

"I did it, I did what?” I asked myself.

"In 50 minutes we will be at my friend’s garage near Hanna Lake" uncle Haider told me with excitement. He was excited big time on this big success.

"I fell asleep while he was driving".

When I woke up 9am in morning I found myself on bed in this small dark room. I was looking around the room with half open eyes. I heard uncle Haider voice as he entered the room "wake up son you did it my super thief Jamal paid one million for it you are rich now my kid"

“Jamal was uncle Haider friend whom last night gave us shelter to hide in his garage near Hanna Lake”.

“Garage owner or should i call him buyer and seller of stolen cars” I asked myself.

He was also the person whom uncle Haider had sold Mercedes Benz which i robbed last night while almost being killed.

"Get ready son we are leaving for railway station in 20minutes" Haider uncle told me confidently.

"Few hours later we were on train to Lahore enjoying tea and beautiful surroundings as our train had left Quetta territory behind along with traces of my very first car robbery".

That car robbery proved to the stepping stone for many future car robberies to come in different cities of Pakistan and later my transformation from car robber to a charming smart conman.

















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