Love In The Shadow of Crimes

Its first story that i have wrote recently. The Story is about Love, Crime, Friendship and turns in one person's Life.



Chapter 6:

"Thanks Junaid for coming it was great help having you around you know I was and still not good at all when it comes to buying gifts". Your welcome bro I hope Tania bhabi like this I said to him while smiling.

Hey you were taking quiet interest in those gold rings are you thinking to gift it to your girlfriends he giggled while talking.

"So did you bought”. No bro I didn’t bought anything “I was just checking it" I replied while shying from him.

"Bro I will stay here for a bit to have a look around at some of places in old Lahore" I said to him as we reached car parking.

"Hey why don’t you take Maryam with you she knows old Lahore very well" Imran spoke. Seriously me and Maryam hand in hand walking around in old Lahore streets wow thinking of that making me laugh with nervousness.

"Hey I had messaged Maryam she will be in restaurant in 20 minutes time so sit in car we are going to my restaurant there we all three will enjoy delicious lunch of my restaurant then you can go and have a look around of old Lahore with Maryam".

As we reached Imran restaurant Maryam was already waiting for us in Imran restaurant executive owner room.

"You are late" Maryam said in her soft voice while her eyes were focused on me and mine were focused on her from the moment i entered that executive room of Imran restaurant. She was looking stunning in her red eastern dress I was so involved and focused in looking at Maryam that I didn't realize food was on table and Imran was asking me to start launch.

"Junaid I am feeling very hungry will you start please" as he shouted at me with high pitched voice it jolted me and interrupted my focus on Maryam.

"Grilled chicken is amazing”. Maryam smiled at me while talking to Imran.

After having wonderful launch with Imran me and Maryam left his restaurant for a tour of old Lahore.

As we were walking on streets of old Lahore While Maryam was busy in telling me history of old Lahore buildings I took her hand in my hand and presented her with this beautiful gold ring which I had bought for her secretly while I was with Imran in jeweler’s store earlier in the day.

“She wore it immediately on her right hand ring finger”. What why did she wore it on her right hand ring finger did she took it as an engagement ring as I was busy figuring out her intentions she came close to my right ear and whispered “I love you I am all yours know” in her soft seductive voice.

Yes I was right she did took that ring present from me as engagement ring gosh that was fast and surprising to some extent but inside my heart I was happy that she took that ring as engagement ring as it gave me reassurance that she was deeply madly in love with me.

I wanted to take her on a date.

I asked Maryam casually if she wanted to go out with me to some place. I was 35 years old yet I didn’t know how to ask a girl for a I said I wanted to take her out for a dinner like a date. Her cheeks went blushing. I told her to be at city center tomorrow by 5 pm I will pick you from there. She smiled with shine in her eyes.

While getting ready for the date I had this weird feeling that something was missing. I checked everything my clothes my hair my phone car keys so what did I forgot?

Damn its flowers!

Seriously how could I forgot this of course you give flowers to a girl on the first date. I didn’t want to look like a sucker on our first date.

“You are late” she said as I stopped my car in front of city center restaurant where she was waiting for me.

“Sorry” I said with a nervous voice. Was she always this beautiful or I was blind all this time.

“It’s OK” she said with sweet smile.

As she sits with me on front seat of my car I gave her a tissue paper with her face being drawn on it. Her eyes were fixed on the tissue paper. “This is beautiful”.

“I forgot to bring roses for you so I thought I must draw this that’s way I got late”. I said with half smile. “Sorry”.

She threw herself in my arms. “That’s the most beautiful gift I have ever had”.

“I will keep it till the day I die”.

She started kissing me I had to stop her or we could be late for the restaurant for our very first dinner date.

“You get a kiss after date, okay?” I said with smile.

“She rolled her eyes and leaned back on her seat as I increased the car speed”.

I had to play the gentleman while we were out. I knew that no matter how big a city was you could always bump into someone you knew and because I had Lahore biggest hotel chain tycoon daughter with me I had to be double careful.

After some research I found this little restaurant almost out of the city I purposely chosen this restaurant because it was not a renowned restaurant secondly I didn’t want people attention for us which we could got if we were is some renowned restaurant.

As we entered restaurant manager welcomed us with open arms and took us to our beautifully decorated table. I could see shine and happiness in Maryam eyes when she saw that decorated table.

We had a lovely meal it was a perfect evening not a romantic one. But we both had lot of we drove back home we were still laughing and talking about our first date.

We both were quite as I drove the car through Imran large house. There was some soft Bollywood movie song being played in the car by god it was amazingly romantic. It reminded me of our first interaction on that rainy December night in Islamabad in my apartment. I parked the car and as we walked through house garden with clear blue sky.

“It’s so beautiful”. Maryam whispered her eyes on me.

“I kissed her red glossy cheeks you are my girl Maryam I will do anything for you”.

















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