Love In The Shadow of Crimes

Its first story that i have wrote recently. The Story is about Love, Crime, Friendship and turns in one person's Life.



Chapter 7:

The guy in the mirror looked perfect in his suit. His black tie matched color of his suit. I couldn’t believe it was me wearing suit for Maryam father to impress him because I was madly in deeply in love with her daughter.

Another text message “love you” probably it was seventy fifth since morning from Maryam.

“Love you too” I typed and send it to her. I was sure she would send me a kiss in replay.

“I miss you I will be with you in twenty minutes” I typed and send it her before leaving for airport to pick Maryam father as Maryam was already on airport waiting for her father and yes waiting for me to arrive.

“Sit bro we need to be moving we are already late we need to be there before his flight arrives”. Imran asked me as with worried face with ready to go posture sitting on driving sit in his car.

“junaid’ stop playing with your phone I don’t want us to be late when he arrive”. Imran told me with tense voice.

The minute we arrived, Imran rushed towards Fahad “yes we were late, Fahad flight has arrived just minutes ago he was busy talking with Maryam and Tania bhabi”.

Suddenly my phone rang it was another text message from Maryam” you are looking super cool my love kisses”. I looked up after reading the text there she was standing right next to her father smiling and waving her hand at me.

“Junaid ’come here bro as I walked towards Fahad I tried my best to look confident but honestly my heart was breathing at rate of knots”. “Fahad you remember junaid my childhood best buddy” Imran introduced me to Fahad very energetically.

“Junaid” Fahad said warmly.

“Fahad, nice to see you” I answered although I was smiling but there was no feeling behind my smiles they were gestures.

Maryam stood behind her father watching me carefully “junaid you looks handsome” she said in her soft gentle voice.

“Thanks,’ I said trying be compose as possible “you too. You look beautiful”.

“Doesn’t she always?” Tania bhabi said while smiling.

“Let’s move people I have made some delicious butter chicken and biryani especially for you Fahad bhai” Tania bhabi spoke in eagerly voice.

“Imran I am taking your car you guys go I got to go someplace I will bring in Fahad luggage”. I said them.

“Hey come with us junaid Tania car is had enough space I will send driver to pick up luggage and my car” Imran said instantly.

“it’s okay bro you people go I will be with you guys in couple of hours” I replied to Imran as I was not interested at all in travelling with Maryam and his father in same car.

“Why didn’t you come with us”? I received Maryam text message while driving.

“I was Afraid”. I typed and send text message to her.

“Afraid, of what it was such good chance to be with dad he was so impressed after meeting you my handsome.” She text

In dinner I eat some amazing chicken butter and biryani of my life seriously Tania bhabi had cooked it with heart.

“Junaid why are you sitting there alone you can join us here with your cup of tea even from here you can to see kids playing video game its street fighter remember”. Imran asked me in soft voice.

“street fighter, how could I forget that but honestly I was not watching kids playing street fighter instead I was watching Maryam whom was sitting next to kids and was looking stunning in her red eastern dress.

‘No bro I am going to my room I am not feeling that well I would love to have a nice sleep” I replied to Imran.

“Oh for sure bro go ahead may be you can sit with me and Fahad bhai some other time for some interesting car chat”. Imran replied instantly lowering his tune.

Two hours had passed and I was in my room still trying to sleep.

Suddenly I heard knock on my room door.

“Who is this” I asked

“It’s me can I come in”. She replied

And before I could say anything there she was in my room with cup of tea sitting next to me on sofa

“Your tea, she said while forwarding cup of tea to me”.

“Seriously tea at this time of night with her father in the house gosh this girl really loves me lot I said to myself while my eyes were staring her long open black hair”.

“What are you thinking”? She asked

“I always think about you”.

“Always as the ’last week until now always? I joked”

“No, just always”

“Why do I think about you?”

“Why do you love me?”

I leaned back on sofa to have a sip of tea.

“You looked attractive and different”. She replied

“What about my clothes?”

You’re Clothes? You had a swatch and Armani suit

I narrowed my eyes confusedly.

I put my tea cup down on table.” Maryam do you know what I do and who I am in reality?”

“Yes you are junaid Imran uncle’s childhood friend and do cars business and most important you are my love”. She replied with a smile.

“No Maryam you don’t know anything about me about my past about my present?”

A quick change came on her face, I love you and you are mine. She said in seductive voice of her.

“I am junaid, junaid the conman and the car thief I don’t do cars export business I stole big luxury cars from different places in different cities and secondly I con rich girls. First I make them fall in love with myself and then I con them”. I explained who I was in one breath to her and then looked down quickly.

“i don’t want to know what you were in past and what are you doing now I know one thing and that is I love you loves you lot from heart you are mine I wants to spend my rest of life with you”. She replied.

“Why me “I asked anxiously

“You are cool, handsome and exciting”. She replied

“Why you think like that”.

“Listen I might have a reputation of being stupid but I am not I love you” she begged.

“You know your father and Imran won’t approve of it once they come to know about our truth and my past, present they can put me in jail”. I said to her.

She didn’t say a word just lowered her eyes and started biting her lips, like she was ready to cry. I didn’t want to see her crying her tears would have melted my heart.

I got up and walked to the door.

“You are right” she said but “I know dad won’t say no to me you have a week just impress him as he already thinks good about you just be honest with him I am sure he will understand I know him” she said softly and don’t worry about Imran uncle I will talk to Tania bhabi about us she will take care of Imran uncle even after that if they said no to our love then we will do court marriage and will settle some place far from here”.

I turned to her, there was something in her voice and in her face expressions that told me she was clear what she was talking about”.












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