Love In The Shadow of Crimes

Its first story that i have wrote recently. The Story is about Love, Crime, Friendship and turns in one person's Life.



Chapter 5:

So Here I was in Lahore. I arrived last night with aim to buy my old family house which my family had sold couple of years ago before they left for England.

I sent a very simple message to Imran my childhood buddy with my name as I knew he would never replay or call to an unknown number. Just that I was in town and wanted to see him I felt bit surprised to receive his call few minutes later.

“Junaid”.  Even after all those years his voice sounds same very confident and well groomed.

I felt sweat on my face just by hearing his voice.

“Thanks for calling back bro honestly I thought you wouldn’t”

“Junaid really is this you” I smiled as if he could see me.

“Where are you, when can I see you, where you have been”

Honestly I felt relieved hearing that.

“Tonight at 7” I replied trying to sound more like myself which I surely wasn’t at that time.

“That’s great I am going to message you my address, hey which hotel you are staying I will send car for you”

“No thanks I will be there just message me your address” I replied instantly.

Fifteen years passed he could have changed picturing him as a 35 year old man made me nervous and anxious.

It was 5:30 pm I needed to pack and go.

The hotel I was staying in was in city main square. At 6pm I left hotel for Imran house on taxi. Since arriving last night it was first time I was seeing my city the city where I was born and raised .The city had changed a lot. The streets were busier and roads where big and wide population has increased in big numbers in city for sure and to be honest there was even more cars on the roads then people themselves.

A quarter to 7 and I was standing in front of big I means really big marble made house with watchman in uniform in front of it I knew my appearance would never get me the pass to go inside. Casual, trainers, backpack.

‘’I am here to see Mr. Imran tell him Mr. Junaid has arrived”

Watchman studied me carefully with curious eyes.

The watchman talked inside home on intercom and then passed me to the waiting room inside.

As I was looking around in that big beautiful furnished and lovely color textured waiting room suddenly I heard some noise on waiting room door.

There enters tall mature aged man with black bear on his face OH MY GOD Imran i said instantly after seeing him entering the room.

“Junaid my brother is it you” he sounds somewhat unsure after seeing me. He walked to me and hugged me. Look at you man you have changed you have changed a lot I mean I can’t believe he just could not stop talking I guess it was due to excitement of meeting childhood friend after 15 years”. I tried to remain compose as he sat on sofa in front of me.

“So how have you been almost 15 years have passed I guess” he asked.

“I am good just enjoying life wondering around different cities exploring my country”. I replied.

“What you mean wondering around aren’t you doing any job”

“Yes I am wondering around I am businessman just like Dad I export imported cars in different cities”.

“So” he lowered his voice “are you married”.

“No” not yet.

“Girlfriend” he asked while smiling.

“Yes couple off (I lied off course)” I replied him with half smile.

“You tell how is your time in army going you must have become some high ranking officer by now and I am sure you are married by now with kids am I right”. I asked him with excited voice

“Yes I am married now. got married 7 years ago I have one 6 years old daughter her name is Sana. Nope bro  I am not in army I am no high ranking officer actually I left army four years after joining. it was not my dream to join army it was dad’s dream after one year of his death I left army to follow my dream of doing restaurant business” he replied with heavy heart voice.

“So where are you staying now” he asked.

“When I arrived here last night I checked in at marvel hotel”. I replied.

“You are not going back there. As long you are here you will stay here with me and my big family although there are lots of people in here (Imran was living in this big house with his three cousins and their families they bought it together as they all were doing different business in Lahore) but still there is enough space in this house to accommodate my best childhood buddy”. For sure I am homeless person in any case I replied with smile.

He laughed as if I had told him some amusing funniest joke. But I hadn’t deep inside my heart I knew I was homeless guy in true sense a nobody whom had no place to call home”.

First couple of days in Imran home passed just like that it was like meeting and seeing so many people together.

“Mr. Junaid your house documents will be ready in two weeks’ time I promise. Sir I know I promised you to provide with your house documentation in five days’ time but what can I do suddenly this government officer went on vacations he will be back in weeks’ time after that it will only take couple of days to complete and finalize your documentation have a nice day sir”. So I had to stay here for two more weeks I felt uneasy as I didn’t want to stay in Lahore for more due to some harsh past memories.

As I was busy talking to myself after my lawyer call. Tania bhabi (Imran wife) came to my room. Junaid are you free I hope I had not disturbed you. No not at all bhabi.

“Come in Maryam”. As bhabi called Maryam name i looked at the door.

Junaid meet Maryam

“She is one and only daughter of Imran elder cousin Fahad. She is crazy about cars since you deal in cars I thought it would be nice if she could meet you to take your advice before buying her new car”.

“Oh my god I screamed at myself in very low voice how could this happen shit this can’t be true“ as I was  talking to myself while my eyes were focused on Maryam “Hello” seriously I was in that much shock that could only say hello in replay.

You both enjoy your cars talk I got to go to pick up Sana from her school. As Tania bhabi left my room. Maryam came close to me with cup of tea in her hands with which she entered my room. She leaned close to me as close as she could.

“Tea junaid” she asked in her gentle voice.

I watched her in horror it was her Maryam from Islamabad who was supposed to be my final big jackpot with whom I had spent most beautiful few hours of my life in that rainy night of December in Islamabad.

Before meeting her in Islamabad I did little research on her and I knew she was one and only daughter of Lahore biggest hotels chain tycoon. But what I didn’t knew was that she was one and only daughter of my best childhood buddy elder cousin. She was the girl whom I wanted to con with whom I already had slept with.

“Tea junaid” she asked me again while interrupting my thoughts.

I took cup from her while my mind was still frozen.

But why wasn’t she shocked to see me? That question was making my head spin.

“Maryam from Islamabad” I asked her in low voice.

“Yes” she imitated my tone with lovely smile on her red glossy lips.

Exhaled in frustration took my tea cup and left the room.” Don’t worry she won’t tell to anyone she won’t’ I repeated to myself”.

I went to balcony and sat on chair and while staring at my tea. Junaid you will be dead there is no chance to fix this up.

What the hell was wrong with me? I talked to myself.

“OK I know her from Islamabad I know she loves me no matter what we had done in Islamabad on that rainy night of December but now I knew who she was. Now I can’t con her I should leave for Islamabad now”. I said to myself.

But why I am still thinking of her have I fallen in love with her? that can’t be true I am robber a conman I never had fallen in love with my victims but why I am feeling different towards her.

I could not have feelings for her then why did i? All I could think was those few hours that I spent with her in Islamabad. And what few hours they were I was 35 but never felt like that with any of my victims for god sake I am robber a conman. I shouted at myself

I needed to stop thinking of her stop wanting her. I collapsed on chair and fell on balcony floor.

When I opened my eyes again I found myself in my room where I was staying. While Imran and Tania bhabi sitting next to my bed

“Thank god bro you woke up how are you now are you feeling better? I think we must go to doctor” Imran asked me in lowered gentle voice.

“No there is no need to go to doctor I am fine I collapsed due to little headache but now I am good no need to worry”. I replied to him in calm voice.

“Junaid just take bed rest”. If you need anything I and Maryam are here to help you. Tania bhabi said while smiling.

As Imran and Tania left my room I fell asleep again. The door opened gently and strong scent of perfume filled the air. I opened my eyes and found Maryam standing in front of me with bowl of soup. ‘Wake up junaid its 10pm in night you haven’t eat anything since morning have some soup”. She asked me in her soft gentle caring voice.

I felt bit uneasy with her sexy glances. Why she was looking me like that why she brought me soup at this time of night? All that went through my mind.

She sat on sofa in front of me with crossed legs and with a bowl of soup watching me with her lovely small green eyes.

“No that can’t be happening she can’t do this to me “I felt breathless seeing her sitting like that she was looking gorgeous in her black trouser and black t-shirt.

“Thank you Maryam for the soup now go I have some business work to do”. I tried my best to act as composed and calm as possible.

“No you are not doing any work tonight you need rest complete bed rest” as she crawled close to me on bed and brought her soft red lips close to mine. “You need rest bed rest” she said softly.

“Listen Maryam um I want to say”. I tried to speak but surely I was unable to because she was so close to me I could feel warmness of her beautiful body.

“Hasssssssh silent junaid you don’t have to speak it will make your head spin again”. While she placed her right hand middle finger on my lips.

“I love you so much since I came back from Islamabad. I could not sleep properly I can’t stop thinking of you and that few hours we spend in that rainy night of Islamabad in your apartment I don’t have words to tell you how much I am happy to see you here I love you lot I am so excited because in week time Papa is also coming from England I am so happy that finally I can tell him about you I am sure she won’t say “NO” to me”. I can’t believe we will be husband wife very soon I loves you lot”.

She was about to kiss me on lips when we heard Tania bhabi voice “Maryam where are you Sana is looking for you”. She kissed on my forehead and left my room.

As she left my room I felt myself shivering. I was mad at myself “God I couldn’t believe that I had gotten myself in such big mess I mean that girl loves me madly”.

I was unsure what to do “Her father is elder cousin of my best childhood friend I was a robber a conman with no future and dark past but the most terrifying thing was that today events and my interaction with Maryam had proved it that I was also madly and deeply in love with her I could not live without her I wanted her in my life”.

I didn’t have the courage or power to resist her. I just simply couldn’t resist her. In my 35 years of life I had never seen such beautiful girl with so much love for me I wanted to have lovely future life with her but there were so many bridges to cross to reach her in order to make her mine.










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