Time and time again

A story im writing, hope you Will follow me and Chronos on this journey :D


1. The new student

On top of a skyscraper, in the middel of the city Kayhen, a boy stands. This boy looks like a normal human being, but as they say, looks kan be deceiving. With fluffy black hair, snow like skin, a slim, but strong build, deep blue eyes and unforgettable silver earrings, he goes by the name of Chronos.

"This wind feels like the wind in that city". " maby it's becouse she is here". "Maybe i should go see her?" And with that said, Chronos jumped Down from the skyscraper. Anybody els would have died, from that hight, but Chronos simply landed on the ground like a feather, and walked on. The night passes and the morning sun shines bright. The school bells of Hana High rings for class. In every class School begins like normal, all except class C. In that class and in that class only, a special boy walkes in, a new student.

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