I'm just a reject

This fan fiction has been given up on because of issues in the authors life that is more important then this


1. ch.1 INTRO

Liv's POV

Hi I'm Olivia but everyone calls me Liv. Right now in on a plane to go to Sydney Australia! I'm so excited you don't even know. Life in London was absolutely terrible, well I guess I'm over reacting! London was actually great it's just my family. Ever since I was 14 I have been wanting to kill myself and wanting to cut because if my sister. For the past 4 years I have been struggling but it could be worse, I've never done self harm. But I've tried to, I realized that the future will be better and i don't know what good things are coming for me. My friend Brian (Brianna) has helped me through it all. Shes been there for me for 12 years. Okay enough about me hating my old life I have a lot to explain. So I turned 18 yesterday so I'm moving out with Brian. We are both so excited to live together, and without my sister my life should be perfect!

We just arrived!" Wake up we're here!" I scream in Brian's ear since she slept the whole plane ride. She automatically starts squealing about how excited she is. "I'm so freaking excited!" Brain screams. "We both are!" I scream back hoping she would shut up.

A/N Hey I hope you like it so far this is my first book so pls don't judge and I know this is a short chapter but I had to do homework

Thanks for reading Chapter 1

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