Dream come true

I guess one selfie does the trick to get the man of your dreams?? But I still couldn't believe it. He had actually responded. Is something going on between us? Does he LOVE me??!!


1. understanding...

To be honest, no one understands how hard school is when you only have ONE friend!! One out of 700 who understands your personality. Who likes the same things you like. Who has good taste in guys!

"Hey Zooey!" I yelled across the halls.

"Oh, hey." She said with a frown.

"What's the matter? Is it Claire again? That stupid bitch"

"No." She giggled,"see, my sister just got this really hot new boyfriend. His name is Ashton Irwin. I guess I'm just jealous..."

"Hey, you're way better than that slut-well, sorry." I just called her sister a slut! Wtf?! "Anyways you can get a guy better than him, who's nice and tall, handsome. Plus I'm a dating expert! I'll help you"

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