Dream come true

I guess one selfie does the trick to get the man of your dreams?? But I still couldn't believe it. He had actually responded. Is something going on between us? Does he LOVE me??!!


2. a message to that special someone

What if I went over to zooeys house tonight, asked Ashton if I could use his phone....and maybe searched through his contacts? I mean, if he is hot he should have HOTTER guys I could text!


Me: hey gurfrand. U busy 2nite?

Zooey: nope. I did my hmwrk. Come over in 3?

Me: got it!

I got dressed into my blue laced crop top, black skinny jeans with a hole near my thigh, some white converse, and dyed purple highlights in my hair and on the ends. I had to admit, I looked pretty sexy! Especially since I did this yoga class that makes your butt bigger, and my breasts are actually huge! I don't know what happened, they're plain huge!

So, Zooey and her twin tiana got in a fight, which means Ashton and I are sitting here in silence.

Finally I broke that silence, "may I please use your phone? I'm going to call my mum, I left my phone at home." I lied.

"Sure!" He responded nicely in his Australian accent.

I ran into the other room and got out my phone too, and acted like I was talking to my mum while I searched through his contacts. Immediately a name caught my eye "Luke". That name sounded hot, so I put his name in my contacts and 'said bye' to mummy.

Once I had gotten home, I FaceTimed luke, covering the camera to see what he looked like. DAMN! He has a frikin lip ring and really tall hair! I ended the call, then called him to hear his voice. Again, DAMN! Nice and really deep. He's mine!

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