I Don't Dance

Clair Winters is Mr. Malik's new secretary. 20 years old and just looking to get ahead in life.
Zayn Malik is Clair Winters new boss. 26 years old and the co-owner of Malik industries.
Clair was told to stay away from him and only do what she needs to for work but what happens if she becomes more involved in his life than she originally planned?


2. (2)

It's been a week since u began working for Mr. Malik and it's been hell. He makes me did everything from getting his dry cleaning to organizing his paper to just holding his cup of coffee in a meeting because he had no place else to put it.

Everyday I would go and grab his lunch though and everyday I would talk to Alison for a minute or two before I had to leave so that I wouldn't get in trouble first taking too long.

I retrieved Mr. Malik's lunch approximately three hours ago and have been stuck in my office inside his office since. Today he gave me a huge list to complete and it's going to keep me here well past 6:30. I was supposed to meet up with Liam to grab a cup if coffee but it doesn't look like that is gonna happen.


By the time I finally finished all the work I was given, it was 8:15. I grabbed out my phone and saw that I had seven text messages and three missed calls. Two missed calls from Liam, one from Louis; three texts from Louis and four from Liam. Louis just being Louis and being completely random and Liam wondering where I am. We were supposed to meet at seven but that didn't happened because Mr. Malik made a rule that I wasn't to use my phone while at work, so I couldn't call to cancel.

Since I am first used with all if my work, I gathered up all of my items that I carry to and from work everyday, and got up to leave. I decided that I should call Liam and tell him that u wasn't leaving him hanging.

I set my stuff down and sat in my chair then took out by phone and dialed Liam's number.

It rung twice before he picked up, "hello?" He answered.

"Liam, hey!" I exclaimed.


"Look, I didn't mean to completely disappear today- my boss has this rule that I'm not to have my phone out at work and he said I wasn't allowed to leave until I completed all of the work he gave me..."

"It's fine, I did think you were standing me up though but I completely understand."

"Do you still wanna grab coffee sometime? I'm off tomorrow-"

"I would love too!"

I couldn't help but smile at how excited he seemed and how unfazed he acted by the fact I didn't show for coffee, "great, how about I call you tomorrow around 11?"

"Sounds great!"

"Great, talk to you tomorrow. Goodbye, Liam!"

"Goodbye, Clair," he laughed as he hung you the phone.

I put my phone in my purse then grabbed my stuff, and walked out of my office. I noticed Mr. Malik was sitting behind his desk with his hands together just staring at me. I pretended not to notice and walk out but that didn't work.

"Why were you using your phone?" He questioned in a monotone voice.

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around slowly to look at my boss, "I'm sorry, I finished my work and had to tell Liam why I wasn't able to show for our coffee date-"

"I don't wanna hear your excuse about your date with your- boyfriend." He hesitated when saying the word boyfriend.

"He's not my boyfriend. He is just a friend and we were going time get some coffee. And I'm off anyways. I finished all my work and stayed late-"

"Stop giving me excuses!" He boomed, "I didn't hire you time argue about stupid shit. I hired you to do the shit I don't feel like doing."

"Sir, I understand that but I must be going-"

"No, I need you to come back to my office at my house and sort out all the paperwork; or you can come in all day tomorrow. Your choice."

"What!? I can't do either of those-"

"It's your choice, Clair. Come in tomorrow or come to my house tonight and sort through my paperwork. Which is it?"

Come in tomorrow? No, I have plans, "no, I- I guess I'll just go to your home office," I mumbled looking down at the ground.

I heard his chair move then footsteps come towards me. After a few steps, I saw his feet in front if mine and one of them tapping obviously annoyed. I looked up and saw him standing about a foot from me.

He was dressed in all black and his hair was slicked back except a few loose strands that fell and hung in front of his face. He had on a black button up top with black dress pants, a black dress coat, and black dress shoes. To my dismay, I found him extremely attractive and the way he was looking at me seemed to spark a small reaction from me.

"Let's go." He said walking past me.

I followed close behind him and watch his every move. He moved since elegantly and dressed so nice. Then there was me who wore nice clothing but nothing compared to his and my every move was those of a klutz.

I followed him time the elevator, through the lobby and to the front if the building where a limo was parked. The driver was standing next the the door for Mr. Malik and opened it as soon as he was near the vehicle. He stepped inside and I expected the driver time close the door and drive off but that didn't happen. The door remained open, obviously waiting for- me?

"Let's go," Mr. Malik judges from inside the car.

I scurried inside the limo and sat down, setting by two bags at my feet. Mr. Malik was sitting as far away from me as he possible could and just staring at me. I felt uncomfortable as the vehicle began moving.

I looked up to see if he was doing but that was a bad idea. I looked up and Mr. Malik was about four inches from my face. I gasped and pressed myself to the back if the seat and just stared at him. His face was so intense and so close to mine. I felt my breath quicken as he slowly began to lean in. I expected him to continue coming towards my lips but instead he veered his face towards the side of mine.

"Just wanted to see your reaction to me," he whispered before pulling away.

He had a nasty smirk on his face and it pissed me off. He was just trying to see if I found him attractive. Regardless of the fact that I do, he had no right to do that. I can't let him see how he affected me. If he tries something like this again, I need to just deadpan and ignore him. Which is exactly what I did for the rest of the ride.

The ride lasted for about 20 more minutes before we pulled into a giant house. I wouldn't call it a mansion, more like a mini fucking mansion. It's to small to be considered a mansion but too big to be considered a house. His front yard was huge; green grass right in the middle of the drive way, the driveway leading directly to the house and towards the side- his home, as much as I hate to admit, was beautiful.

The limo pulled right up to the front entrance and stopped. I looked at Mr. Malik who was waiting for the door to open and it was as if people were reading his mind because the door next to me swung open. I didn't hesitate to get out. The less time I spent around my boss, the better. His good looks are getting to me and I've only known him a week- and I am talking to someone else to. Bloody hell.

Mr. Malik stepped ahead of me and walked inside his house not even bothering to see if I was following him. My heels making noise every time I took a step was enough for him to know that I was behind him. He walked down the halls of his home and lead me to, what I assumed be, his office.

The room that we walked into was dark. The curtains were closed- not that it would do anything- and even with the lights turned on, it still had a dark and eery feeling to it. Nothing like the office back at work. Thought he always had the curtains close there also, it was still always bright because of the sun.

"Everything on my desk needs to be sorted into three piles. Finished projects, projects that haven't been started yet, and projects that we are in the process of finishing. Got it?" He demanded turning to leave.

I started after him unable to say anything because of how shocked I was. He walked out of the room leaving me to do all of the stacks of paper by myself. I turned to look at his desk and saw how much paper was there and when I saw, I just wanted to cry. There were stacks and stacks of paper on his desk and by him not helping, I am gonna be here all night doing it.

I wiped the single tear that managed to slip from my eye and set to work. I took all of the paperwork from the desk into piles on the floor and began the separation. Just clearing off the desk took five minutes. This is fucking ridiculous.

Project Queens: Not yet begun
Project Inn: Finished
Project Hospital Fixation: Not finished.

This went of for hours. Going through the paper and mumbling the name of the document then putting it in a pile of finished, not finished, or not started. By the time I got half way done with the papers, it was 10:30 and I was still gonna be here for a few more hours. It was around that time that Mr. Malik himself decided to up- in loose sweats and a tight black shirt that fit his figure perfectly. I sound so fucking cliche right now but seeing him so free and not so uptight and work bound is hot. No wonder all the girls flock to him.

"Not done yet?" He smirks.

I roll my eyes and try to hide how upset I am with how rude he is being towards me but aparently I didn't do a good job. I heard him shuffle his way over to me so I looked away and sorted through more of his papers but was pulled from that when I felt two strong arms pull me up from the ground and into their chest. I looked up and obviously saw Mr. Malik.

He pulled me to his chest and forced me to look up at him as his arms circled around me. To say that I didn't somewhat enjoy this would be a major lie. I was very much enjoying this but this is very wrong. I don't know the first thing about this man except his name and that Louis says he is trouble.

"Mr. Malik- please let me go-"

"Why are you calling me that? We aren't at work." He firmly stated.

"What do you propose I call you, sir?"

"Call me Zayn."

"I don't think that's very appropriate-"

"At work, no; but you are in my home and I asked you to call me that and it would be rude not to."

I sighed and nodded my head trying to get out of his hold but it dodn't work. His grip around my waist tightened and I was pressed closer to him. I looked back up at him only to see his face moving in towards mine. I seemed to just be drawn to his imaginary pull and as wrong as it was, I wanted more and more of it every second. Even if he was just using me as a stupid toy.

His lips seemed to be getting closer and closer to mine but seemed to be getting slower towards me. It felt like an eternity had passed by the time his lips were just brushing mine. Just as the gap was about to be completely closed, my phone went off blaring Remember The Name by Fort Minor. I mentally groaned to myself but pulled away and reached for my phone to see who was calling.

I looked at the screen to see Louis name written across the screen. I looked at Zayn and gave him an 'excuse me' look before answering.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Clair Ann Styles-Winters! Why the hell haven't you called me!" Louis screamed making me jerk the phone away from my ear.

"Was I supposed to?"

"Umm, yeah!? I am your best friend! Duh you are supposed to call me- every night!"

"Louis, you know I always call you- every night."

"You haven't called me at all today! I didn't even get one text-"

"I'm still working actually."

"You are still at work?"

"Not exactly-"

"What do you mean by 'not exactly'?"

"I'll tell you later, yeah? I've gotta finish this work then once I'm home I'll call you."

"Fine," he exaggerated. "Love you."

"Love you too, bye."


I hung up the phone and turned back to Zayn only to see him looking annoyed. His arms were crossed over his chest and he was tapping his foot repeatedly while breathing in and out slowly.

"You know, you could have told me that you dated the whole world," he snapped.

"Excuse me? What the hell are you talking about?"

"First you plan a date with some guy named Liam and next you are saying 'I love you' to some guy named Louis? Then you go and almost kiss me? That's pretty low-"

"Okay, first of all, Liam and I are not dating. We were going to go for a friendly cup of coffee. Second, Louis is my best friend and thirdly, you were the one who tried to kiss me."

"If you didn't want me to fucking kiss you then you should have said so!"

"Even if that were the case, you wouldn't have listened to me!"

"Whatever! Go home and leave me the hell alone. I'll just see you at work," he huffed.

"How and I supposed to get home?"

"Walk for all I care!" He yelled as he stormed out of the room.

I stared after him in shock but couldn't do anything. He told me to walk home and I had no other choice. I grabbed my bags, put my blazer on, then showed myself out of the giant, and confusing, house. I stepped outside and just wanted to cry. It was cold and raining, hard, and I had to walk in this. I chose the wrong attire for today too. My Aztec skirt was short, my heels were tall, and the orange blazer that was thrown over my loose grey dress tank top wasn't keeping me warm. 

I trudged across the yard- or should I say driveway- and towards the work building where my car still was. I didn't even walk for five minutes before I was shivering hard. I was shaking all over the place and my teeth were chattering and I couldn't control it. I wasn't even in control of the pointless tears streaming down my face. I wasn't even crying because I had to walk, I was crying because of how meanly I'd been treated and how fucking cold it is our here. My feet were killing me but I couldn't take my shoes off till I was safe in my car because of the mud everywhere. 

I got a mile down the road before someone came puling up behind me and came to a stop right ahead of me. The person got out of the car and came jogging over to me. I was honestly surprised when it was Zayn standing in front of me allowing himself to get drenched by the down pour. 

"What are you doing?" He yelled over the sound of the rain.

I looked up at him and thanked mother nature for the rain so that he didn't have to see tear stained running down my cheeks. Obviously annoyed with my silent treatment, Zayn grabbed my arm and dragged me to his car and practically threw me in the passenger side door; then slamming the door and running around to his side of the car and getting in. Once in, he turned towards me and let out a heavy sigh.

"What the hell? You actually started to walk?" He asked as he began to drive.

I didn't answer again, just stared at the road ahead of me.

"Will you answer me? This is getting old, Clair. Say something-"



"You said say something, so I did."

"You are being a realy fucking brat right now."

"And you are a real fucking prick."

"Whatever," he mumbled. "I'm just taking you back to your car then leaving."


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